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  1. Vict0r

    $499 Shanling JET1 4.5" desktop speaker (2021) looks stylish

    I remember reading here about an older pair of Shanling speakers, the S2's. The people that actually ordered them were very satisfied, it seemed. I always had my eye on Shanling products after having some decent experiences with their line of DAPs. Anyway, they just announced a new pair of...
  2. Vict0r

    Subwoofer buzzing, but silent when (disconnected) AVR & TV turn off??

    Hey guys, I think I have a power issue in my cinema room. I recently hooked up a second BK XLS200 Mk2 subwoofer but I'm bumping into something I can't yet wrap my head around. I hope this is the right place to ask for advice and learn. :) Thanks in advance! The new subwoofer I added has a...
  3. Vict0r

    iLoud MTM monitors (balanced XLR) to Topping e30 DAC (unbalanced RCA); possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired a pair of iLoud MTM's. I do not record music but just want to use them as desktop media speakers. It seems I didn't quite think this through before ramming on the BUY NOW buttons. :p The MTM have balanced XLR or TRS inputs. I only have an unbalanced Topping e30...
  4. Vict0r

    New near-field speaker setup for a home office? Pictures!

    Hey everyone! I bought a house a while ago and had two extra rooms to go absolutely audio ham in. One of them I already transformed into a cinema, with 2 floor to ceiling corner bass traps, acoustic panels (3 on each side) and diffusers (3 skyline diffusers behind the listening position), a 65"...
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