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  1. dougi

    Come on Amir, where's your nuclear power station?

    You should try and visit this place Amir, only in the next state. A Stereophile article about audio test lab in an old power station. No pictures of the inside though, or on the NWAA site either.
  2. dougi

    What mechanism is causing feedback in this setup?

    The other day, when performing near-field measurements of my study speakers (as part of designing a crossover for them), I started getting feedback when measuring close to the tweeter (Seas D2010/8513) with no test signal being generated. Measurement setup was: PC USB->Scarlett 2i2 audio...
  3. dougi

    Latest Stereophile article about reviewing

    An article by Jim Austin about reviewing. While I understand the inference that hifi is all about enjoying music, I can't quite follow the logic from (talking abut measurements) "But what you learn from such research reveals little of interest about any individual in the group" to the subjective...
  4. dougi

    Stereophile electrical system improvement article

    I must say, probably to be expected, that I found this article frustrating. What could have been an opportunity to objectively evaluate upgrading your home electrical infrastructure had upon the mains quality ended in the usual subjective waffle (with most of it sounding unlikely given ASR...
  5. dougi

    Wacky AGD class D with GanFETs in a tube

    Hifi News has a review of this very expensive class D with some measurements. Seems to use an Infineon Merus driver with the GanFETs output switchers in a tube bottle. Good power but doesn't seem state of the art in measurements, but interesting with slow rise in distortion with both power...
  6. dougi

    How am I still enjoying music with my age related hearing loss?

    I had a hearing test yesterday. It's been 4 years since my last one and with constant tinnitus caused by concerts, motorcycles etc I should do them regularly. The verdict that my hearing was fine apart from age related loss. Probably exacerbated though. My hearing in fine in the critical...
  7. dougi

    Problems with Spotify and streamers on WiFi suddenly started

    Hmm, I have just suddenly started (a week or so) having trouble with Spotify seeing hardware Connect clients on WiFi. Ethernet no problem! DLNA controllers can see them so it wouldn't appear to be a network connection problem. Devices: Tivoli Model one digital. Spotify flatout refuses to...
  8. dougi

    quick and dirty Elipson Planet measurements

    I recently purchased a pair of Elipson Planet Ls and again some Planet Ms. I got some for great prices and wanted to add surrounds that would be permitted by the wife. The Ls do look very nice in Mercury Ice on the dedicated floor stands! Given they are both concentric driver speakers I...
  9. dougi

    Little Dot D300 preamplifier measurements

    Little Dot D300 preamplifier measurements I purchased the Little Dot D300 pre through an Australian reseller. It is a hybrid tube/opamp preamp. My use case was to add as a switch/level control for my analog sources (turntable and tuner) that go into the ADC of my RME ADI-2 pro. If it added...
  10. dougi

    New firmware for RME ADI-2 Pro and DAC

    Yes new firmware is up from the hardworking folk at RME. update thread Changes to Steadyclock algorithms to reduce jitter even further, tweaks to headroom when using the SRC to balance SINAD and inter-sample overs clipping and metering tweaks again in relation to that.
  11. dougi

    test of best incoming sample rate for Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp

    Intro Not sure which forum to put this one in as it straddles a few. Given that most of my music is now via a PC, either UPNP using Foobar or Spotify, I thought I would attempt to work out the sample rate that gave the best performance with my digital preamp, being a Lyngdorf DPA-1. Since it...
  12. dougi

    ASIO drivers for Topping D10s or alternative to it?

    I've recently repurposed some stuff I had lying around and not used for audio streaming. A Minix Z83is micro PC feeding a iFI nanoiDSD purely used as a USB to SPDIF converter. (the effort involved in updating Windows on a micro PC not used for two years with little storage is another matter...
  13. dougi

    Arylic S50 pro measurements and comparisons

    I bought one of these recently, hoping to simplify my Spotify Direct use as I was previously using my AVR and optical out of the TV extracted from HDMI, into my DPA-1 digital preamp. I need to use digital out generally as it goes into my DPA-1 digital preamp to use the RoomPerfect room...
  14. dougi

    cheap ways to increase input impedance?

    I have a minor, mainly conceptually problem I wouldn't mind help on. I am using my AVR (Yamaha RX-A2A, same as the RV-V6A measured here) front preouts to integrate with my 2 channel system. However, my measurements are even worse than Amir's for DAC performance at high output levels. I have...
  15. dougi

    looking for a HDMI audio extractor for a specific application

    Having just procured an AVR to integrate into a 2 channel system in order to get 3.1 to improve dialog I have a slight problem to solve. The AVR has built in streaming and digital radio I would like to take directly into the 2 channel system digitally, rather than via the analog pre-outs. It...
  16. dougi

    The effect of out of phase drivers in different speakers in a home theatre system

    I recently added a centre speaker to my 2 channel system to get better dialog. It is now 3.1 for movies and 2.0 for music. However, my mains are 3 way Heritage Lintons with out of phase tweeters and midrange cw woofer. Centre is a 2 way all in phase. I have manually setup the AVR (old Denon...
  17. dougi

    mid/side processing to improve phantom image intelligibility

    Getting on in years with a bit of tinnitus as well I (and the wife) sometimes find some dialog hard to understand in AV material. I want to stick with a 2.1 system so I don't want the added complication of adding a centre to help with that at this point. I do have an ADI-2 PRO which has...
  18. dougi

    risk of running a DAC/preamp "flat out" long term?

    Hi, I have both a Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp (with RoomPerfect) and a RME ADI-2 PRO FS R DAC. I have tried various indivudual/series combinations of uses for them. What I would like to try is running the DPA-1 flat out (digital volume at unity) with it's digital out driving the RME. That...
  19. dougi

    Tips for measurement and setup of passive to active speaker conversion

    I foolishly damaged my mid-woofers on my old Proac Tablette IIIs. Not being able to get the drivers anymore I thought I would experiment with what I could get that would fit. Of course, what I can get won't match the old ones so I thought I would take the chance to experiment with an active...
  20. dougi

    unshielded twisted pair/tri for turntable to phono pre interconnects

    I'm about to go back to a MM cart. The lowest capacitance interconnects I have are some short Kimber PBJs which are unshielded tri-braid. I have used them for 10 years and never suffered any apparent issues due to induced interference. My alternative is some Project connect-it Es which has...
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