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    Springs Under My Speakers: What's Happening?

    Q Acoustics Concept 300 uses a similar spring loaded decoupling base system that you mount on their dedicated Tensegrity Stand
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    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    Strange and sad indeed. Seems like it's something in audio in general that just needs to create conflict. Feels like that time in Avengers when Captain America fought Iron Man. Anyway, they both provide best in class data so I am just going to follow them separately from now on.
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    MOON Is launching its first ever loudspeaker, The MOON VOICE 22

    Not great, not terrible. Some mismatch in the crossover region and sharp drop off-axis at 30 degree. Definitely can be improved. I listen to them in an unfamiliar room and was not bad at all. At least they didn't went for the bright showroom sound.
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    Monitor Audio Concept 50 announced

    They do look and sound interesting I have to admit :)
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    Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex Review (Speaker)

    I would argue that it measure better than the majority of their hifi speakers :)
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    Smaller than the LS50 and actually smaller than the LSX also :)
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    Cabasse wireless

    The Pearl Akoya and the bigger brother The Pearl are around for a while now but their presence is almost unnoticed unfortunately. Listen to them both in mono and stereo and side by side LS50W2. Although Kef measures better and is aming for a more neutral presentation, in a double-blind test I...
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    Haha...guilty as charged! :) Well, there are to many good speakers not to change them as often as you have the opportunity :) But after having so many speakers I always want to return to a good coaxial design, that's why on my short list are the Ref1, LS60 and Cabasse Murano
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    They are superb speakers but they need some work/room placement to work their magic. I went from a dedicated stereo room and a living/home cinema room to only one room and was difficult to fit them all.
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    Most likely bass+directivity+wider dispersion are the biggest plusses over the Ref1 Had quite a lot of speakers in my system in the last 6 years: JBL Studio 530, Kef R500, B&W 705 S2, Audio Physics Tempo 35, Kef R3, Genelec G Four, MBL 126 and right now I have the Q Acoustic Concept 300 + 2x...
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    I have, side by side with Blade 2 Meta and Ref1 Meta last month. Unfamiliar room unfortunately, but well acoustically treated; pretty big room 40-50sqm I would say. Offcourse my findings may differ from others Being their big reveal and first audition maybe I was biased but my sighted...
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    I discussed with their engineering team about the possibility of adding in the future PEQ or maybe auto EQ....but those are only discussions so far. Time will tell.
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    It's a complete new motor structure made from some kind of treated PVC (not audiophile material I know, luckily it's not about this on this forum :P ) to compensate for the narrow design of the speaker.
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    MOON Is launching its first ever loudspeaker, The MOON VOICE 22

    It only their first speaker; it's shy, give it some time :) On the other hand the low crossover point is interesting; also pretty good sensitivity for the size.
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    MOON Is launching its first ever loudspeaker, The MOON VOICE 22

    Didn't saw this coming but it can be the start of a nice adventure in the speakers world. Design features 2-way loudspeakers. The tweeter has a 29mm dome textile membrane and a large surround designed to work without a typical front plate, and is integrated into a custom waveguide, permitting a...
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    KEF Reference 1 META Bookshelf Speaker Review by Erin's Audio Corner

    As always, great job from @hardisj !!! This uni-Q from Kef is getting better and better with every iteration!
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    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Or maybe the best place for imaging and soundstage is not the best place for bass, as usually happens, so you need subwoofers to smooth bass out. But it is so much more easier with just two full range speakers...
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    Kef to announce new products?

    Yes, those are the factory standard. That's why the colors are strange...they use whatever is on hand when it comes to color :)
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    Kef to announce new products?

    I was at the factory in Maidstone last week to test the new products...and no, it was no subwoofer :) But it's something much better actually
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