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  1. TomJ

    SOLD!!!:miniDSP SHD Studio, original owner, mint cond, all current updates, $750 + shipping:SOLD!!!

    Original owner, mint condition, well cared for in a smoke free home, stored for the past six months. Original packaging, UMIK-1 calibrated measurement mic, two tripods (desktop and extendable), remote control, wifi dongle, external power supply and half-rack mounting plates. All current SW and...
  2. TomJ

    Regulation of SMPS in power amps

    There’s an interesting difference in measured power between the Purifi 1ET400A EVAL1 amp with a Hypex SMPS 1200A400 (131/257W pre-clip, 205/380 at 1%, ASR) and the same amp with the NAD SMPS in the C298 (180/415 pre-clip, 269/528 at 1%, SSN). As I understand it, this is due to differences in...
  3. TomJ

    How many DSP’s in your audio chain?

    How important are the SQ benefits of a DSP crossover in your monitors when you're also using DRC? Is one DSP in your audio chain enough? For example, if the next monitor you want is available in passive and active versions, eg LS50 Meta and LS50W II, or @March Audio Sointuva (passive now, active...
  4. TomJ

    Multiple factors in age related hearing loss

    For those interested: an open access review was just published in a highly respected medical journal, interesting for its discussion of reciprocal effects of sensory losses on auditory perception, cognitive function and cortical circuits...
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