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  1. jst

    DAC to Subwoofer output input voltage problem.

    I use DAC Topping D10s : And I use Wharfedale SW250 Subwoofer I usually use Cambridge Audio Azur 640a that comes with PRE OUT, that I can use for my active subwoofer, but now I prefer using Aiyima A07 , but it doesn't have preout (since it's just amp, not integrated amp). The problem is ...
  2. jst

    Asking about DIY speakers, ohm, frequency, crossover, watt

    If I want to make diy speakers, is it common to put subwoofer in it ? I use sony compo speakers the other day it has something like super woofer as they call it, but it sounds a bit like subwoofer. It's really good for watching movies/gaming nice low but not overpowering, it makes every sound...
  3. jst

    Any Equalizer software I use keeps messing with volume

    I don't know what's wrong with my windows 10, everytime I use equalizer it messes up volume like normalizing the signal or something, it's probably for protecting speaker or avoid distortion but it is VERY annoying, everything I play be it musics from youtube or spotify, the volume will go up...
  4. jst

    Watt for speaker and Watt for power consumption, Class D and AB

    For example Aiyima A07 , it's a class D, and default power supply/power adapter is 32v 5A, Amirm measurement is 48-61watt per channel to 8ohm speaker, or 122 watt in total, while the power consumption is 32x5=160 watt. So it's comparable from power consumption on the adapter and watt to speaker...
  5. jst

    About speaker box.

    Is Woofer/low frequency the only speaker part that needs box ? Does mid or tweeter also need box ? Because for car speakers, tweeter doesn't need box, it's usually put on dashboard, and the mid or full range is put at the door, sure there is room for air there but it's not boxed like woofer...
  6. jst

    PA/Karaoke speakers for home use.

    Are PA/karaoke speakers good to use at home ? These speakers have high sensitivity (90db+) and high wattage (450watt for 10" and 600-800watt for 12-15) I wonder if Aiyima A07 will be enough to drive such speakers since even if they're rated high watt but the Nominal input can be as low as 50...
  7. jst

    Low frequency

    I recently found speakers from Sony Compo LBT Lv100av in my storage and the sound is nice, there is a low sound like subwoofer but the spec says it's woofer, super woofer as Sony calls it. So I guess it's a matter of FREQUENCY, which I'm confused about. 40hz and 87hz which one is lower ? I...
  8. jst

    Chinese Hi-Fi products mainly speakers.

    I've seen a lot of amp, pre amp, dac etc, on the internet and read reviews and most get positive reviews. Now I'm curious about their SPEAKER product. Seems like speakers from China do not enter our Indonesian market, maybe because of weight/volume that will be expensive for shipping cost. I'm...
  9. jst

    2-way speaker crossover/speaker type

    What is the best/most common use speaker type used in 2-way speakers ? Is it woofer or midbass or fullrange or subwoofer ? And what frequency is used ? I read that for high it should be 3.5khz and low should be 80hz, but if that's the standard/best then why most crossovers I googled all have...
  10. jst

    Anyone ever tried making tone control from a kit ? which one is good ?

    Here's a few NE5532 This one not revealed but its $31 This one says mackie, I think i t's a macintosh parametric
  11. jst

    A few questions regarding ohm/watt.

    My amp is Cambridge Audio Azur 640A, it has A (left+right) and B (left+right) speakers and the spec related to my question is : - Power output: 65 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) - Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 8Ω My speaker is Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 with 6 ohm/100 watt. It can be bi-wired...
  12. jst

    Topping D10S Low Volume for Netflix compared to other audio sources

    I just bought D10s to replace my ALC1220 but my problem now is I lose the ENHANCEMENT TAB and I cannot enable loudness to normalize or equalize volume for all audio sources. Audio streaming sources like Spotify, Deezer, some youtube videos, etc have no problem but also some other Youtube videos...
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