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  1. maverickronin

    Finding the Right DSP Box for Subwoofer Crossover and PEQ

    I'm looking for a DSP box I can use for a subwoofer crossover and to perform basic room correction with PEQ. At the moment, the best option looks to be the Behringer DCX2496. Based on the DEQ2496 measurements I'm not expecting stellar SINAD numbers from it and would prefer a nicer interface...
  2. maverickronin

    Starter Oscilloscope - Still Rigol DS1054Z?

    Given the 47 pages of discussion on multimeters I thought ASR might be a good place to ask... Anyway I'm looking for a first oscilloscope and been watching a ton of EEVblog recently. Given how easily the 1054Z is "hacked" to enable all the in-hardware DLC it's looking like it's still a good...
  3. maverickronin

    Ideas for Building a New Flat Plate Measurement Rig

    I'm looking to build a new headphone measurement rig for purposes of modding and EQing. My old/existing one is a Dayton EMM-6 mounted flush through a damped aluminum plate because that was the easiest to build at the time. Since it uses a full size measurement mic it's way too wide to actually...
  4. maverickronin

    Is the Kindle version of Toole's "Sound Reproduction" any good?

    I prefer ebooks since they the don't take up any physical space, but I've had terrible luck with the kindle versions of anything remotely scholarly. Atrocious OCR and un-hyperlinked footnotes abound. Does anyone have the kindle version of Floyd Toole's Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and...
  5. maverickronin

    Power Any Low Voltage DC Device with USB C Power Delivery Chargers and Powerbanks

    Quick Intro: In another thread I posted a picture my RME ADI-2 DAC running off of a powerbank. I received a PM asking for more details about how It worked so I though I'd type up something a little more comprehensive. This should hopefully be useful to complete noobs and not require any tools...
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