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    Digital voice recorders (with "hold-to-record")

    Hi guys! Maybe you can help me out. I'm looking for a voice recorder that offers a "hold-to-record" option, that is, it only records while I'm holding the record button. (No, I don't want to use my phone.) It has to be digital and can preferably work as an audio interface to my PC. I checked...
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    DIY Speakers and Acoustic Panels

    I suppose all of you know about Tech Ingredients on YouTube - if not you're missing out on something. This time it's as the title suggests about DIY - speakers and acoustic panels. Includes: - DIY "anechoic chamber" - Helium filled speakers - REW - much more amazing stuff Tech Ingredients -...
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    Upgrading pointless for THIS kind of music ?

    Hi to you all! I am a long time lurker and just decided to finally become a member to what I deem the only no-BS audio/HiFi forum around ;) So my question is this: I am mostly listening to Metal (98 %) and with that to music that is at least partially poorly recorded and suffering from bad...
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