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  1. Strato007

    Tidal artifact

    Hi people, Could you check if something is wrong with my equipment? During the whole track there are artifacts or little distortions, but more appreciate between 01.45 and 02.15 seconds for In my place - Coldplay song. My setup that I am using now is: LG G8x (quad DAC ESS) Sennheiser HD650...
  2. Strato007

    DAC to recommend for active speakers

    Hi guys I have a dilemma... I have a pair of Audioengine a5+ which I use meanly with the TV, Android box (connected to the tv) and music through cellphone. looking into options, I would like to add a DAC (maybe DAC/Amp for occasionally headphones) with Bluetooth HD, toslink for tv audio out, and...
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