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  1. Strato007

    Arturia Minifuse 2 Review (Audio Interface)

    thanks for your advice. You are wright! I'd go for Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3Gen or Arturia Minifuse 2
  2. Strato007

    Arturia Minifuse 2 Review (Audio Interface)

    Hi! I am planning to get an audio interface... I dont want to spend more than 150 USD... These are my options: * Arturia Minifuse 1/2 (because of the soft complement) * Audient EVO 4 (seems like has the best audio quality due to pre amps chips ¿?) * M-Audio M-Track Solo (price and MAudio pre...
  3. Strato007

    Headphone with the same sound profile and quality as AKG K371 but better build quality?

    what about Senn HD 560S model vs K371? even though they give different sound signatures, they cost similarly and are very good both to use as a complement.
  4. Strato007

    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    Following the topic, battery got empty after an hour of TV with Senna HD650... That said, what Headphones (Open back preferably would you recommend). I saw the Senn HD280pro and the Audiothecnica M30x but I have no references. I really don't want something very expensive. The BTR3K has the...
  5. Strato007

    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    I have received my BTR3K from AliExpress and my very first impression is relly good. I did connect my Senn HD650 and it sounded nice! I mean, compared with my Ztella, this Fiio sounds more bold, warm with no hiss in the area of high frequencies and also with good volume!. I believe it is a...
  6. Strato007

    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    Yes. I can return it if it is not good. If USB-C adapter is better than the old Lightning, I am very good. What I have felt connecting Lightning DAC adapter with the Senn HD650 is good sound but lack of bass and body in sound. So if the USB-C is slightly better, I think I am good, otherwise, I...
  7. Strato007

    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    Yes. Accurate and very precise. I also have a LG G8X and Zorloo Stella with ESS DAC. For AK, I have a little Shanling M1 DAP and a desktop DAC Topping E30. Despite of the "spatial" effect of ESS, AK sounds more natural and nice to listen to music in general. Hope what you said about the Fiio...
  8. Strato007

    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    Hey! I just wanted any of these shity devices to connect my earphones/headphones (some IEM and the HD650) to listen to movies from the tv while my wife is sleeping. I didn't want to spend a hundred bucks in this so I got the new BTR3K... Cheap and good Bluetooth codecs. I believe the DAC is...
  9. Strato007

    Tidal Alternative

    difficult to find any difference...
  10. Strato007

    Deezer HiFi

    I wanted to get subscription for Tidal HIFI plus but there are issues with all my credit cards so I have decided to get Deezer or Amazon Music. In terms of quality, redbook 44/16 is Flac in Deezer service? What about Amazon?? If I would want to use thru Android device… UAPP does the job with...
  11. Strato007

    Question about PCM filter mode setting of Topping DX3 Pro LDAC

    In my setup, F6 is the most audible and nice filter. e30 and Audioengine a5+
  12. Strato007

    Tidal artifact

    Yes!!! You can hear it at 01.58 to 02.01 Bad recording anyways
  13. Strato007

    Tidal artifact

    I will try to download it
  14. Strato007

    Tidal artifact

    Thanks for answering, hope this helps otherwise let me know I have also tried with a VPN located in UK and it is the same issue. It would be good to compare with a CD version or another HiFi platform...
  15. Strato007

    Dolby Atmos on Tidal, Apple Music Spatial Audio, Impressions on Earphones vs Speakers for Surround Sound Music

    Are you using any headphone certified for Atmos?? I think the Apple airpods are but I didn't try.
  16. Strato007

    Tidal artifact

    Hi people, Could you check if something is wrong with my equipment? During the whole track there are artifacts or little distortions, but more appreciate between 01.45 and 02.15 seconds for In my place - Coldplay song. My setup that I am using now is: LG G8x (quad DAC ESS) Sennheiser HD650...
  17. Strato007

    Help, DAC E30 - AK4118 chip or CS8416?

    Any appreciable difference in sound between both chips? AK4118 vs CS8416? As far as saw, the specs are pretty same.
  18. Strato007

    Cost-effective Sabaj A10 Series Set launched: Sabaj A10a+A10d+A10h

    Anyone here got the A10d ??? I would like to know the model of optical DAC chip and the Bluetooth chip receiver
  19. Strato007

    speaker match for topping e30/l30 combo

    Hi this is a good question because I had the seam understanding but this advertisement makes me getting doubts… “Set L30 as pre-amp mode to active speakers” why??????
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