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  1. DonH56

    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    The signal on the wire (or modulated by the LED or LASER) is analog. It is converted to digital by the SerDes for use by the digital logic circuits. Definitions I have used "forever": Analog = continuous in time and amplitude Sampled-analog = discrete time or amplitude, other parameter...
  2. DonH56

    My son (21) just bought a Sony Walkman cassette player and he loves it

    This article hit my inbox this morning...
  3. DonH56

    Bi-amping Revel Salon2 makes an ABX audible difference

    The electrical difference is that different amps (or amp channels) are driving woofer and tweeter sections instead of the same amp output. No difference on the speaker side, same crossovers inside the box, and they are still in the signal path. The only cognizant technical argument I have seen...
  4. DonH56

    Interconnect vs Speaker cable Res/Cap/Induct

    Read again all of my post wherein I explain why it does not matter for audio and why "RF" cables are used at audio. The comparison was meant to show that a cable capable of carrying RF signals for thousands of feet or more will have no problem carrying audio signals in your house. The bandwidth...
  5. DonH56

    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    What I said: What he said (over there): (A) I am not an admin. (B) Statement vs. question; he/she/it went way beyond what I asked. Which was based upon the original statements he (sic) made about hearing differences in power cords. I don't always read every post. (C) Technically my "entire...
  6. DonH56

    God of SINAD vs. reality we get from most available music files

    I cannot do anything about distortion (however you define it) in the source material. My goal is to faithfully reproduce the source I have, perhaps flavoring for preference. So my viewpoint is that I do not care what distortions (intentional or not) are on the recording in my hand (player...
  7. DonH56

    Mobile Fidelity Analog Vinyl Controversy

    (Hand waving) The master tape is a physical media, actual tape, that is the final recording before actually cutting the record master, a metal disc that is used to "imprint" all the vinyl discs produced and sold. Digital masters are bits in a file created from the original recording, which is...
  8. DonH56

    God of SINAD vs. reality we get from most available music files

    Disclaimer: Audio is not my day job. @amirm and others have much more insight into how the terms are used for audio (testing). I know the IEEE Standards but am less familiar with things like FTC and IHF standards for audio. I am also writing this off-the-cuff waiting for a test to finish so may...
  9. DonH56

    Understanding Sealed Speaker Impedance

    Very interesting seeing how a small effect can cause such a big impedance change.
  10. DonH56

    4K player purchase question

    Age, stupidity, ignorance, whatever you think... Also 80-hour workweeks and a plethora of other time and financial commitments more important to me. Understand not up to your standards, but them's my reasons. YMMV - Don
  11. DonH56

    4K player purchase question

    1. Poor network connection to my media room with no simple solution; 2. Relatively slow, somewhat unreliable internet connection in my rural'ish area so streaming is out; 3. NAS died a year or two ago and haven't been willing to fund a new one; 4. Don't have HW/SW and time to rip video discs; 5...
  12. DonH56

    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    @restorer-john brings up a good point, though again this discussion is way off-topic IMO. I did not consider amplifier (in)stability in my clipping article because I consider it a separate issue. High-frequency oscillation will almost certainly destroy a tweeter, clipped or not, almost...
  13. DonH56

    4K player purchase question

    I skipped the Panasonic because it would not play SACDs. I only have a few, but I like them. I went with a Sony UBPX700 as a backup to my Oppo.
  14. DonH56

    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    I am not sure what "slower sounding" means. But I (and most here) are very aware of the differences between vinyl and digital sources. Digital is generally much lower in distortion, noise, crosstalk and so forth but many still prefer vinyl. Nobody has a problem with preference. Sometimes the...
  15. DonH56

    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    Completely different sources. Do you think the difference is due to their power cables?
  16. DonH56

    God of SINAD vs. reality we get from most available music files

    Assuming uncorrelated noise and distortion, then you can root-sum-square the noise contribution of devices in a chain. For example, start with a device having -100 dB SNR. Now cascade another device with -110 dB SNR, with everything at unity gain. The resulting SNR will be about -99.586 dB...
  17. DonH56

    High-pass in sub to satellites not working? Or am i stupid? (B&W ASW600 sub)

    I do not know what "3 bell EQ" means. To me, "active 3rd-order at 80 Hz" implies a fixed, third-order (18 dB/octave) high-pass filter at 80 Hz. So roughly -3 dB at 80 Hz, -18 dB at 160 Hz, -36 dB at 320 Hz, and so forth. It seems a little strange that it is not coupled to the low-pass filter...
  18. DonH56

    Add on neck support for short back office chair?

    OK, figured it wasn't what you wanted, but threw it out as a temp fix. It is also hot and "itchy" to wear all day.
  19. DonH56

    High-pass in sub to satellites not working? Or am i stupid? (B&W ASW600 sub)

    Yes, just a single setting, and it is even worse because it depends upon the impedance of your speakers at the crossover frequency. Speaker impedance (in ohms) varies wildly so without knowing exactly the impedance you cannot tell the exact crossover frequency. The Mission 753 specs say it is...
  20. DonH56

    Show us your home theatre setup

    Maybe just need more time for folk to find and post, or perhaps they've done it already in a previous thread. Main system thread: My system...
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