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    subwoofers with dual opposed drivers

    I think @Chromatischism is correct, I don't think that isobaric is what the OP meant. I think the thread is about having woofers on opposites sides of the enclosure, pushing/pulling at the same time. In this way the physics reaction forces cancel out for less vibration. An isobaric has two...
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    Sabaj A1 2022 stereo integrated amplifier measurements

    Very appreciated! And more than the basics, kudos!
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    Which integrated amplifier under 600 ?

    Did you ever get something? - My opinion is you should be merciful to those Bostons and have a highpass filter somewhere in the chain, so they are not straining uselessly. - Some Yamaha have that, you have to read carefully, and sometimes it's hidden in the YPAO - I would rather get an AVR with...
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    Advice on amplifier for a passive subwoofer.

    Did you ever buy something? IF not, and for other reading, I'll say (1) Using a car audio amp means converting 120V to 12V DC to inside the amp 12V back up to a higher voltage. Super inefficient. (2) Speakers are not resistors. Never mind their ohms. Amps are measured with resistors why, then...
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    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    What I meant by "Pro" was one of the like "99 dB" kind of things. I'll look at the link again, maybe they have shifted their designs since those halcyon days, realizing those high midband sensitivities have little or nothing to do with low bass sensitivity (that's an area I want to do some more...
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    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    No, that's not a surprise to me at all. 900W≈30 dBW. Back out from 125 = 95 dB for 1 watt. With two subs I assume big and tuned low, and if the room is well sealed, seems possible. The 100 dB from 2 watts now from a "91 dB" driver, that seems weird. II guess if the room is sealed and there is...
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    Remaining Considerations on DSD

    Having stumbled on an interview with Ed Meitner, he says there that preserving the sample rate was a key thing. I suggested to Stereophile that and other topics would make a great interview. So perhaps it's not total marketing baloney. Anyway DSD or PCM matters a lot less than the skill of the...
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    Are there any decent AVR's out there?

    Here, you can have even more fun ;) None of this testing is blind hence not truly scientific. Actually our main takeaway was how not terribly reliable acoustic memory is. For those those who like A/B switching, yeah...
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    ATI AT522NC Stereo Amplifier Review

    Sucks...then my question becomes why don't you consider powered monitors? That might fit your application.
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    ATI AT522NC Stereo Amplifier Review

    Hence why I have 5 or 6 TCL Roku TVs :D Wired my buddy's setup similary-TV+DirecTV comes out of the TV. In theory he can listen to that through the stereo via ARC but I don't think he ever does.
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    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    Wait, what? If I put in 91.5 dB sensitivity, 2W, 3m, in corner, I get 91 dB. Not 100 dB. Did I do something wrong? Then @voodooless posted a Hornresp showing like 105 dB for 1W-that is a hell of a lot more (closed perfect shoebox room?). I gotta wonder if there is really that much gain in a...
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    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    sigh, I guess I missed a few pages in the middle. I did not realize you could put an output to an input without feedack so that's pretty ingenious. But by now an admin should change the thread title to HOW to use unused channels to run a subwoofer. I'm still puzzled by the power demands i.e...
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    ATI AT522NC Stereo Amplifier Review

    Pictures! You're going to put them on shelves? On desktop? How far away? We like our Focal 936, Sopra should be very good, but I do favor 3-ways for best midrange clarity. Also many bookshelves are ported too high to cover all the lowest frequencies. Are you going to add a sub? Or Nah? The Focal...
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    Are there any decent AVR's out there?

    Yes, the same room and same speakers: Focal 936/CC900/SR900 plus an SVS SB-2000 Pro filling in below the 40 Hz tuning of the 936 and CC900. We did not spend time using the Denon AVR-X3600H as a preamp to the ATI 525NC because, well, I have a huge stack of surround titles I've never even listened...
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    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes) ;) Yeah even in a car that is not enough for more than modest sound pressure. I designed a number of powered subs, and I remember one 150W model which visibly clipped on an oscilloscope. And per
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    Are there any decent AVR's out there?

    I'll take a contrarian view. I've liked a long line of Denons, particularly an AVR-1612 which I felt sounded like nothing at all. More recently for what $6-7k more we "upgraded" from an AVR-X3600H which sounded great to an Anthem AVM70 + ATI525NC. Still sounds great, a bit different,* but...
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    Are there any decent AVR's out there?

    Our experience is it helps a lot. But it depends on the setup I suppose. I worked for a huge autosound company which had developed vaguely similar software. Sometimes-like navigation, another dumb programmed machine-it would just get caught out by some kind of circumstances.
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    The FTC may consider dropping the Amplifier Rule.

    Status update??? Inquiring minds want to know, instead of getting more meaningful work done :D
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    Your experience with app, firmware and GUI as well as tech support from different AVR/AVP brands?

    I'm not sure this is what you're asking, but setting up our Anthem AVM70 was rather more a pain in the butt than many Denons we've had (which themselves are paragons of letting the programmers design the menu flows instead of someone thinking about the customer). Had to make a...Google account...
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