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  1. NYfan2

    Loudspeaker cable test and comparison

    Dutch online audio site Alpha-audio did an extensive test of loudspeaker cables in the price range around € 900,- (1 cable was more expensive). First they tested all cables and after that a blind listening test was done by 2 other people who didn't see the test results. The one who did the...
  2. NYfan2

    Balanced XLR cable for Sennheiser HD600/650/6xx etc.

    I wanted a balanced cable for my HD600 because the SMSL SH-9 that I use has balanced out. This is a description how to built a (highend :p) balanced cable. (maybe this has been posted before but I couldn't find a recent post) Step 1: buy a headphone cable for a Sennheiser HD650 According to the...
  3. NYfan2

    Headband for PhilipsFidelio X2

    The rubber liner of the headband of my Philips Fidelio X2 starts to degrade. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy a replacement headband? Preferably somewhere in the EU.
  4. NYfan2

    Biased reviewers because of marketing/availability of products

    I have noticed that companies who spend a lot on marketing and/or are widely available in general get raving reviews even despite the fact that the products are not great (ofcourse not on ASR), some examples are Audioquest and NAD/Bluesound. Why is that? Is it pure a commercial issue, bad...
  5. NYfan2

    Chip shortage will begin to ease in the third or fourth quarter of 2021

    Interesting article about how the world wide chip shortage was caused and how the manufacturers react to fix it.
  6. NYfan2

    Live high end streamer test/comparison 9 may 2021, 10:30 CET

    The Dutch online audio magazine Alpha audio is organising a live test of 3 high end streamers, the MSB Discrete, the NAIM ND555 + PS555 and the Grimm MU-1 with the Mola Mola Tambaqui (best DAC ever tested on ASR!), the loudspeakers are the Grimm Audio LS1be. So that's a very interesting setup...
  7. NYfan2

    New from the Netherlads KADaudio K7 loudspeakers

    One of the dutch online audio magazines is interviewing small audio stores/manufacturers to give them some extra attention during the covid pandemic and the problems that they face (we are more or less in a total lockdown again since the 3th week of december). This week they had an interview...
  8. NYfan2

    From a quality point of view, does it make sense to DIY loudspeakers?

    I can understand that it is fun and that you can save money when you built your own loudspeakers. But looking at the resources and knowledge that companies like JBL, Revel, Focal and many others have and use to design their products I wonder if the quality of a diy loudspeaker can even come...
  9. NYfan2

    Is Purifi audio a game changer?

    I was already impressed by the Purifi 1ET400A class D-amplifier but after I saw the interview that Erin from ErinsAudioCorner had with Lars Risbo from Purifi I was even more impressed...
  10. NYfan2

    New on ASR from the Netherlands

    Hi, my name is Marc, I'm from the Netherlands. A short introduction. I've been working in the professional audio and light business for 30 years, the first 7 years as a fulltime job and after that parttime. In 2005 I started my own business but most of it is in professional lighting, a small...
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