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    Creating your own semi-calibrated Harman OE Curve at home

    There are lots of sites that provide headphone measurements. However, they all use measurement equipment and protocols ("rigs") that differ from those that were used by Harman to derive the Harman target curve. Sean Olive pointed this out in his twitter feed, linked on ASR This means that the...
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    WSJ: "Are AirPods Out? Why Cool Kids Are Wearing Wired Headphones"

    I never thought AirPods were cool, so I'm glad the cool kids finally figured it out. LINK
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    Best IEMs identified in Harman (Olive) research paper

    Might be a long shot, but does anyone know the identity of the two IEMs circled in red below: A Statistical Model That Predicts Listeners’ Preference Ratings of In-Ear Headphones: Part 2 – Development and Validation of the Model Edit: these were the IEMs tested in the part 1 of the paper
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    Compact Bookshelf speakers that don't look ugly

    Can anyone recommend a pair of bookshelf speakers (active or passive) that are about the size of the KEF LSX (4-5" midwoofer), but don't look ugly? Edit: must have a grill that protects the tweeter Unfortunately, this means no Genelecs, due to aesthetic requirement. Would appreciate...
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    Roon Help: Where are the EQ files stored?

    Can any Roon experts help me? I recently reinstalled Windows and reinstalled Roon Core, but all my EQ presets have disappeared. Does anyone know where the files containing the EQ presets are stored? I'm hoping to be able to transfer them over from an old drive backup.
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    The Harman In-Room Target Curve - why is it represented as a thin line?

    I typically see the Harman target curve represented as a thin line on an amplitude vs. freq chart, as if the goal were to achieve that target precisely. But looking at a review article written by Toole entitled "The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems" (JAES...
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    THD above 10khz - why does it matter?

    This is probably a dumb question, but I notice that it's common to show THD levels measured at frequencies above 10khz - however, at frequencies above 10khz, the 2nd harmonic is above 20khz, the 3rd harmonic is above 30khz, etc. We are all lucky to even hear 18khz. So why does THD above 10khz...
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    Effects of 2 vibration isolation devices (waterfall plots)

    There seems to be debate about whether vibration absorption feet can improve the sound quality of loudspeakers. In theory, the overall FR shouldn't change, but resonances that occur in the speaker cabinet or in the room should be reduced, which in turn, should improve some aspect of perceived...
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    Which anechoic response curve predicts the preferred loudspeaker? (fun exercise)

    Here are the FR curves for 3 different speakers, as published in Stereophile. It's the usual "anechoic response on tweeter axis at 50", averaged across 30 deg horizontal window and corrected for mic response, with complex sum of nearfield woofer and port responses plotted below 300Hz). Pretend...
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