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    God of SINAD vs. reality we get from most available music files

    Dac pre and power all around - 120db imd 32 tone, check. Phonostage over -85db thd+noise, check. That'll do.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Cor, that's handy. Imagine how useful that is for checking how far from the kitchen your significant other can hear the improvement..
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    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    They're all over 50 and can't hear dick at 16khz never mind 20k. But they can't hear the other stuff they claim either...
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    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    I have no stance on Chinese hifi because I think of each product individually and might only consider the wider brand rep if it was expensive enough to matter.
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    DIY turntable suspension

    As dsjr says, lid first. My kuzma sits on a wooden block on a kids bicycle inner tube, works fine, kills footfall, adjust air pressure to taste.
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    Most idiotic subjective review comments

    Every subjective comment about accessories is total bullshit, this will become a long thread
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    Why the market do not move into external active design?

    I guess a speaker designer could make a passive speaker without crossover and simply provide a xo/peq file for the owner to use with any dsp amp of their choice. I actually think that would be a great transitional product as it offers the benefits of active dsp/eq while also offering the...
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    Is there any difference between the LCD-24 and LCD-X 2021 after are both equed to the Harman Curve?

    Just buy the one with lower distortion as it'll be better and it'll have more eq opportunity, assuming both models have broadly similar FR.
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    Krell KSA-50s service manual, anyone? Much appreciated

    I can probably dig out the mk1 schematic and circuit doc. The mk2 was a different animal though. The mk1 was full time class A, the mk2 aiui used their sliding bias circuit. Pm me if you want it, I defo had it 5 years ago when I rebuilt a ksa200 mk1, should still be on file.
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    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    Russ Andrews won his case by showing that artificially injected rfi, from a signal generator was indeed reduce by the passive components in the Sawyers cable. He failed to show any effect with rfi already on the cable. Ie there was no noise to reduce in the real world, but he showed they 'could'...
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    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    Which dick voted great, I love you.
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    Your Favorite Power Amplifier that you have ever owned or currently own and what makes it your favorite

    My current monoblocks. Each one contains a pair of Tom.Cs nuerochrome 86p boards, run in bridged mode, with 400va and 88,000uf of reservoir capacitance. So that's equivalent to 486 monoblocks if he made such a thing per side. They continue playing for 30 seconds after switch off they've got so...
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    iancanada's over the top DIY DAC video - this is great!

    The boards are pre assembled apart from the supercap boards. I own one, it's a fun way to fiddle with aspects of a dac design and gives people the opportunity to roll their own, so to speak. Swapping out clocks and clock psus is enlightening. I can clearly hear a difference between the $1...
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    Reality Check - Does this reviewer make any sense at all?

    There's literally nothing to measure, a cable would have to be catastrophically badly designed to have any effect.
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    Reality Check - Does this reviewer make any sense at all?

    Headphone cables can without a doubt affect the frequency response of the headphones they are used with in some circumstances. In 99.9% of cases though the amount will be pretty much as shown in the Stereophile speaker graph, ie a fraction of a dB and utterly inaudible.
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    What is Alan Shaw on about? (is "coloration" unmeasurable?)

    To be fair, he's laying a voyage of discovery pathway for potential customers to get on board with as it and they progress. No doubt there's a new product at the end of this for those able to make the jump and the satisfaction of sticking with technology they understand for those who can't. A...
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    801 Repair Guidance Thread

    Put the original xo back in place, to eliminate whether its physical or electrical first. Then and only then start checking driver.
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    (Poll) When did you start using a measurement mic to tune your room and system?

    Think I borrowed a Trinnov off Keith at Purite, must be nine or ten years ago, I'd been doing sweeps before that with a calibrated mic and a sound card going back at least 15 years.
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    20 year old flagship speaker vs today's best $2500 or under?

    I have a set of 88 vintage ns1000m, the guy I bought them off had a complete boxed set of 6 replacement drivers for them, purchased in the uk in 97. I've since replaced the tweeters with RAAL 140-15d and rebuilt the tweeter xo to accommodate. I fully expect they'll outlast me.
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