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  1. phoenixdogfan

    Sabaj D4 Review (DAC & Amp)

    If you're an impecunious student and you just found yourself a deal on some HD 650s used and need a really cheap, not terrible DAC/Amp to pair with them, this guy would seem like a good choice. As long as the amp can drive the phones, the Sabaj unit should have acceptable if not cutting edge...
  2. phoenixdogfan

    Nobsound Little Bear Mc103 3-IN/1-OUT Measurements (XLR Line Switch/Selector)

    I have one of these too. I would also have preferred the professional model, but the one I have serves the purpose, so I'll just keep using it.
  3. phoenixdogfan

    Is it worth it buying a miniDSP SHD with dirac if I don't have a sub?

    You can actually do Dirac on a PC if you want. Later if you want to add a sub, you could go to something that costs a little less than an SHD. The Flex does everything the SHD does, except, I think for the streaming (and of course you could add a streamer). You could also add the sub, and find...
  4. phoenixdogfan

    General design stupidity

    Ejection seat activator for when the guidance system goes haywire?
  5. phoenixdogfan

    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    Say it's the dirt from the floor of the Large Hadron Collidor, and sell a box for $50k.
  6. phoenixdogfan

    Chord GroundARAY Review (Noise Filter?)

    Kinda look like pieces in a chess set themed on snake oil audio products.
  7. phoenixdogfan

    Your Favorite Power Amplifier that you have ever owned or currently own and what makes it your favorite

    Those '70s transistor units. I had a Phase Linear 400 in the early '70s. I count myself lucky a burgular came and took it away along with a pair of EPI 400s. Moved out and bought a pair of LS3/5as and a DH200 kit with the insurance money, so I made out.
  8. phoenixdogfan

    SMSL D-6 DAC Review

    For $169, a balanced dac with inaudible levels of noise and distortion, and a remote. This and a cheap PC (Mele Quieter 3 anyone?) running Roon or JRivier/Foobar2000, gives a state of the art front end for chump change. Add Dirac for a splurge. And let's be clear about this. There is nothing...
  9. phoenixdogfan

    Reality Check - Does this reviewer make any sense at all?

    That because there is ALWAYS a linear relationship between price and perceived sound quality in Stereophile.
  10. phoenixdogfan

    Serious, yet enjoyable Western canon literature

    Joseph Heller Catch 22. It's really about corporate culture. Kurt Vonnegut Slaughterhouse Five. The horror modern warfare, complete with allied atrocities against civilian populations, and the PTSD it engenders in those who survive it. Thomas Pyncheon Gravity's Rainbow. Because "Shit...
  11. phoenixdogfan

    (Poll) When did you start using a measurement mic to tune your room and system?

    I bought a Behring DEQ 2496 and their measuring mic at the same time I bought my Benchmark DAC 1 and my Logitech Squeezbox--which was around 2004.
  12. phoenixdogfan

    Security Threats with USB DACs?

    Imagine what they could do to people with implantable defibrillators! :facepalm:
  13. phoenixdogfan

    [Cross-Post]: KEF R3 vs Ascend Sierra 2EX - Blind Listening Results

    Rather see a blind test between the R3 and Sierra LX.
  14. phoenixdogfan

    MOTU UltraLite-mk5 in fully active setup

    I'm using six channel of the Octo for my 5.1 and the remaining two channels to drive my THX AAA 789. Both headphone and speaker systems sound great.
  15. phoenixdogfan

    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    I can imagine the outrage right now in certain corners of the internet: "You don't expect me to believe that a $149 ChiFi amp the size of a MacMini outperforms my $5k+ fill-in-the-blank (but looking at you Chord) Summit Fi headphone amp, just because it betters it in every single measurable, do...
  16. phoenixdogfan

    KLH Model 5 review and measurements by Erins Audio Corner

    I bought a pair of LS3/5a's way back in 1977 because I wanted something better than KLH Model 17s, my very first speakers.
  17. phoenixdogfan

    LFE vs. RCA Subwoofer input question

    Anyone know exactly how to implement the LFE channel in JRiver? Does it involve setting up a shelf filter in parametric eq to bump up lows 6-10db below 100-140hz? For that matter, how is high pass implemented on the mains. Can that be done in room correction or does it also need to be a...
  18. phoenixdogfan

    Are you using a subwoofer/subwoofers?

    LS 50 Metas, OG LS 50 surrounds and Kef HTC 3001 SE for my center channel. Just got the second sub and I will be in the process of setting it up over the next few days. Oh yeah, the subs are SB 2000's--which are excelllent, excellent performers. But if you want to know why I truly ;ove SVS...
  19. phoenixdogfan

    Chord DAVE Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Did you mention it also has six more channels? And it also has a headphone amp (though I don't use it on mine).
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