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  1. _Dekker

    Dynaudio 18s trigger

    While getting my room optimized with this sub I ran into the desire to bypass the sub for measurements. The manual states: Trigger (5 - 12 VDC = on) 4 options: 1: Disable: Trigger input is ignored. 2: ON/OFF: Trigger input is required to turn the 18S on. 3: Mute sub with High pass: Trigger...
  2. _Dekker

    (Balanced, with high pass filter) Sub for Genelec 8040B, how?

    Not too long ago I upgraded from M-Audio Cx-5 monitors to Genelec 8040B's. Reason was to get more low end and better quality sound overall which was a total success: I simply love them. However I'm now enjoying the additional low bass (30Hz in room) so much that I'm looking towards a future...
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