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  1. DeLub

    Using a Raspberry Pi as equaliser in between an USB source (iPad) and USB DAC

    I wrote this 'guide' in the hopes it will be useful for anyone. Introduction I would like to connect my dac and amp to my iPad to be able to listen to Apple Music on my HD600. However, I want to eq the sound and this is not possible on iOS. That's where the pi comes in: I want to put it in...
  2. DeLub

    Hifi Apple Music tier coming?

    According to Mac Rumors, there might be a new hifi Apple Music tier announced soon:
  3. DeLub

    Channel Imbalance vs Volume position

    Hi, I'm looking for a headphone amplifier to get and have been browsing through the reviews. I'm just not sure how to interpret the channel imbalance graphs like below. I would assume that the RMS level would be a function of the position of the volume knob measured in the degrees of rotation...
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