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    Smartphones will kill off DSLR's soon/

    Here's an alternate chart I think you'll find informative: Unfortunately don't have separate numerical labels for ILC vs fixed, but it should give the basic picture. The compact/fixed market collapsed. The ILC market has undergone a significant contraction, but it's not nearly as radical and I...
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    Upgrade to XenForo with different react options

    Amir, sometimes I just want to laugh at people. Can't I have that much without typing a reply?
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    Upgrade to XenForo with different react options

    Basically this is what I'm looking for: I don't know if this requires a version upgrade or is just a setting change in XenForo, but it'd be awfully nice to have the wider range of react emojis. Looks like it was added in 2.1 but might require settings to enable.
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    Monitor Audio Silver 100 Review (Speaker)

    Well this is nice to see. I bought a set of MA Silver 500 towers plus the C350 center last year to be my new cine/gaming rig. (At a substantial discount.) I sort of took a gamble on them at the time but spouse was especially fond of the aesthetic and I was a stickler for a speaker with at least...
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    Solid Core Wiring

    Here you go -
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    Solid Core Wiring

    What I said initially in response - and there are a lot of responses so I don't blame you for losing this bit - what I said is none of these things are happening inside speaker wire. If you would like to design radio equipment or have keen hearing into the megahertz range (or hell, building...
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    Solid Core Wiring

    Here's the thing. Let's assume that tunneling is indeed happening between strands. What is actually tunneling? Electrons are the only sane possibility for this discussion, I hope. What's the implication? What are the actual consequences of tunneling between the strands? Electrons cross between...
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    Solid Core Wiring

    You have no idea what you're talking about and the supposed physics you're discussing is absolute fantasy nonsense. I don't want to give the impression that this even deserves addressing, because what you said is little more than sciencey sounding words strung together in a grammatically correct...
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    Dayton Audio APA1200DSP Review (DSP Amplifier)

    Yeah, the name is very deceiving as it's only rated for nearly 1200W in bridged mode. I guess it's actually exceeding its stereo 4 ohm rating by quite a bit if it's hitting 377W at a 240W rating? Although it's falling a bit short of its 8 ohm rating. The SINAD is a big disappointment but it is...
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    What do floor standers really bring to the table?

    Fundamentally, I don't believe in the 80 Hz crossover that is considered the "default value" for the localization boundary. IMO this creates significant subwoofer output in the localizable frequency range, and makes an overall mess of the imaging. Ideally I'd like to cross my fronts at least...
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    Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Review (Speaker)

    Dang, that’s quite a performance at $400/pr. I feel like Wharfedale is typically ignored by audio reviewers.
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    Asimov Foundation

    I am a lifelong fan of Asimov's work. Watched the trailer a while back and I still have absolutely no read on whether it'll be any good. I have a sub so I guess we'll see how it goes.
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    My Dog - pet thread

    I took that photo shortly after a two day stay in the vet ER where she gave us quite a scare, it was nice to see her smiling again. She had a vestibular issue, which seems to be common in older dogs in her age range (11), and had to be on IV for a few days until she could stand on her own again...
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    My Dog - pet thread

    This is Kali. Kali falls asleep when I listen to loud music, especially metal. I think it's relaxing for her because there was always music going at my desk. (One of these images was taken on a high end Canon and one on a phone. If you look real closely maybe you can tell the difference :cool:)
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    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    I actually suspect that the proportion of people on ASR who are committed home theater junkies is quite low, compared to hi-fi fans. Certainly compared to a place like AVS, where HT-first or dual-use systems are a lot more common. An AVR is a pretty good compromise for dual use and anyone...
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    Ok, what about top three female rock vocalists?

    I can't believe it falls to me to bring someone more modern into this discussion.
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    Audio Reviewer Becomes Distressed When his Blind Test Fails to Show Expensive USB Cable is the Best

    One of the things this guy mentions is that when you are switching and doing A/B testing, you're primed to hear a difference and can force yourself into doing so. That's actually a very good point! This is of course why we either do ABX testing, or sometimes you don't switch. In the ultimate...
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    Audio Reviewer Becomes Distressed When his Blind Test Fails to Show Expensive USB Cable is the Best

    His soothing accent and calm, measured voice help to obscure the absolute nonsense and occasional ignorance of what he's actually saying. It's hard to be angry at the guy as he genuinely believes what he's talking about. But there are a lot of mental acrobatics happening
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    Tablet recommendation

    Let me throw out a different option - the basic MS Surface Go 2 is $400.
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