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    Looking for a <€150 headphone with 3.5mm connection at the cups

    If you don't mind headphones with a high clamping force, the Philips Fidelio X2HR ticks all those boxes. Also, for some reason Philips doesn't sell the OEM pads as replacement parts (there are aftermarket pads, though).
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    Headphones under 200$/€ - Need Advice

    The 560S headband appears to be all plastic. The X2HR has metal rods that can be bent, but be careful of the finish.
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    Headphones under 200$/€ - Need Advice

    I've used the HD 560S directly connected to both phone and laptop, and they are more than loud enough without an external amplifier. Once, I was deliberately running them much louder than usual to test a set of musician's earplugs. Still didn't need an amp. I also own a set. I really like how...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Received these as a Christmas present last year. They fit comfortably despite my somewhat large ears and sound quite good for the price. The default sound profile is bass-heavy, but a companion app offers range of sound profiles...
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    Are there no cheaper alternatives to the HD 800s?

    Interesting. What EQ changes did you make to your 58X to widen the soundstage?
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    Advises for dac/amp or dac+amp combo for DT990 Pro?

    The 600-ohm version requires more voltage than the 250-ohm version to reach the same volume. Bass tends to suffer the most when there is insufficient power or voltage, which is likely why the highs seem so much worse than your previous DT 990. Since you already owned and liked the DT 990, you...
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    Sennheiser Launches HD 400 Pro Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

    Part of the problem is that "neutral" means different things to different people. To some, it resembles the Harman curve; to others, the diffuse field target; to others still, "what the HD 600 sounds like". Other than the elevated treble and deeper bass extension, the HD 560S does closely...
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    Sennheiser Launches HD 400 Pro Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

    There are other well-known headphones targeting mixing/mastering use cases with deliberately bright treble. The HD 560S is not nearly as bad as others in that regard.
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Either would definitely be an upgrade in sound quality. Both will have less bass extension than the HD 206, but the 560S will be closer. Fit on your head is something you'll need to try yourself, but if the HD 206 fit well enough these should also work. If good bass extension is a priority, get...
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Both new? That would be a really good deal on the HD 600 (or possibly a bad one on the 560S). The HD 560S has better bass extension, brighter treble, and is easier to drive without a dedicated headphone amp. The HD 600 is effectively a standard for "neutral" sound, has smoother treble than the...
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    There's another thread discussing the new headphones, including a link to measurements comparing them to the 560S. At a glance, it looks very close to the 560S but with small tweaks at roughly 100 - 200 Hz, 4.5 kHz, and 6 - 8 kHz.
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    Sennheiser Launches HD 400 Pro Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

    The Adorama article claims that "their excellent sound isolation system should kill any ambient noise in your listening environment". Right after describing them as open-back headphones in the previous paragraph. :facepalm: Other than the coiled cable and color scheme, there doesn't seem to be...
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    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    Clapping can create surprisingly loud impulses (the Guiness record is apparently 113 dBA). Your monitors won't be that loud in a small space. They will be lacking in bass below about 80 Hz, but measure well in areas like step response and harmonic distortion. If you want measurement data, an...
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    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    The rear wall being covered with thick curtains and the desk being roughly centered along the wall helps. While not as good as proper acoustic panels, the curtains will cut down on reflections from higher frequencies. When positioning the speakers, don't point them squarely at the back wall -...
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    Upgrade from Audio-Technica ATH-M40X for mixing? $200 budget

    The 250-ohm version of the DT 880 would be easier to drive. I've used them plugged directly into a phone, and while I couldn't drive them to near maximum volume they would get loud enough to hear clearly.
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    Advice for Headphone + dac/amp

    I have the HD 560S. It does have a balanced and enjoyable sound and will not require additional amplification. As you've already experienced, the DT 990 Pro is very comfortable (the Edition model even more so - but stick with the gray earpads). The major complaint about Beyerdynamic headphones...
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    Upgrade from Audio-Technica ATH-M40X for mixing? $200 budget

    I'd recommend the HD 560S over the 58X for their imaging and soundstage properties. Additionally, you can likely buy the 560S domestically. Since you're accustomed to the M40X, you might want to consider the M50X. They have a bit too much high bass, but for me an aftermarket pad swap solved...
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50X Review (Closed Headphone)

    Having used both, I can tell you that the M50X has the better overall sound. However, if you don't care about cups that fold/rotate or a detachable cable the M30X is a much better value. Either will sound noticeably better with Dekoni Platinum Leather pads.
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    Drop/Senn Hd58x vs Hd6xx

    From the HD 58X review on DIY Audio Heaven: So better bass extension and "fresher" sound (HD 58X) versus smoother treble and a "softer" sound (HD 6XX).
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    New measurements for Beyerdynamic 700 and 900 Pro X

    Expecting your first pair of headphones to be your only pair is somewhat unrealistic. There are some things (like earpad spacing / texture and clamping force) that are very individual and can only be tested by trying the headphones out yourself. For example, I have a pair of Philips X2HR...
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