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  1. Firefly00

    Dongle amp for Aeon RT

    I’m looking for a powerful dongle to use with Aeon RT. Budget is approximately $100. To make things interesting, I live in NZ so cannot buy Qudelix 5K or Hidizs dongles. Bluetooth not required, but it does need to work with an iPad over lightning any suggestions? Shanling Ua2 looks good, as...
  2. Firefly00

    Raspberry Pi Zero Airplay streamer w/ PEQ?

    I’m thinking about using a Raspberry Pi Zero as an Airplay endpoint and building in a PEQ. Has anyone done this before?
  3. Firefly00

    Affordable Bluetooth DAC?

    What are my options for an affordable DAC that supports Bluetooth? I’d like to connect my iPad to my Iemagni without the current 3.5mm - RCA cable. thank you!
  4. Firefly00

    Do I really need a DAC

    What are the benefits to getting a standalone DAC compared to an Apple dongle? Will I truly hear a difference? cheers!
  5. Firefly00

    Choosing between budget amps for DCA Aeon RT

    Hi! Fairly new to hifi, building a first real setup (ditching the iPad + Grado SR80 combo). The setup I’m looking at is a budget amp + Aeon RT. amp options that are available where I live (NZ): Topping L30 Fiio K5 pro Ifi Zen DAC Schiit Magni 3+ Schiit Magni Heresy Are any of these options...
  6. Firefly00

    Aeon differences?

    Currently looking at all the various Aeons. what’s the sound difference between the RT Open, RT closed, X open, and X closed with regards to sound? Any particular recommendations? Aeon 2s are out of my budget.
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