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  1. Burning Sounds

    Are we heading for a time when all CDs will be MQA coded - no redbook available?

    I've just got my copy of Dominique Fils-Aime's lastest album Three Little Words. I find her to be one of the most creative jazz/pop artists around at the moment. But it appears that the CD version is only available as an encoded MQA CD. There is no redbook CD available. Here's the usual MQA...
  2. Burning Sounds

    Multichannel amps for active systems

    Since building my Linkwitz LX521s several years ago I've been trying to find a good quality but inexpensive multichannel amp to drive them. As these speakers cost me about £1500 to build I needed something commensurate pricewise and as they are a 4-way that's 8 channels of amplification. They...
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