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  1. Kevbaz

    Headphone specific to Genre

    There are a lot of questions for recommendations for headphones for a specific Genre like classical, jazz etc. Are some headphones better for some genres or should a headphone that is neutral such as one following Harman target be a better option. I hear a lot of people saying Grado are great...
  2. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    Hi, I’ve always been against wireless/Bluetooth headphones, I simply assumed they would have poor performance. No real reason beyond what I read online and assumption the compressing in Bluetooth would be audible. Last week I bought some JBL Club Pro+ TWS paired to my iPhone running Qobuz and I...
  3. Kevbaz

    Dan Clark Aeon Closed X upgrade to Aeon Noire Closed

    I have been using some Dan Clark Aeon Closed X connected to my RME ADI-2 DAC. I love the sound but wondering if it is worth upgrading to the Aeon Noire Closed, I do miss the open sound I have in Grado and Sennhieser HD660s, but prefer the tonality and comfort of the Aeon Closed X. Does the Aeon...
  4. Kevbaz

    Hidizs S9 Pro - Teardown

    Hi, Today I took apart my Hidizs S9 Pro I no longer use, I couldn't find any other pictures of its internals so thought it wold be interesting to take a peak and share. The damage you can see on the board/components are due to getting into the solidly sealed unit. The PCB and soldering looks...
  5. Kevbaz

    TotalDAC USB cable/filter - Teardown

    This week I received a TotalDAC USB cable/filter from a friend who was throwing it out. He was happy to let me have it to try out and take apart. I tested the TotalDAC USB cable/filter with a Chord Mojo (data only), Schiit Fula (data + Power) and a Hidizs S8 (power+Data). I had my eldest son...
  6. Kevbaz

    Upgraditis and where I am today

    Apologies first for the long post. I have been into audio since college, even though my dad always involved me in his music. I ignored my dads advice as a young man which was to build a separates system starting with the speakers. Instead when at college I bought a Technics Mini-system like all...
  7. Kevbaz

    Schiit Fulla E or Schiit Stack

    Hi, I’m looking to replace my Chord Mojo with something new. I use both optically out from my CD player and USB from MacBook running Qobuz. Headphones are Sennheiser HD660s and Grado SR325e. I’m looking at getting a Schiit Fulla E. Would this be a good option fo the above, or should I go for a...
  8. Kevbaz

    Hidizs s9 Pro internals

    Hi, Does anyone know what the headphone amplifier is used in the Hidizs s9 Pro. Also does anyone know of an internal photo of the S9 Pro. Cheers Kevin
  9. Kevbaz

    AB testing USB DAC dongles

    I have started to build a collection of USB dongle DACs and USB DACs which I would like to blind AB test with my son switching the headphones between them without me knowing which is which. This is for fun but also to help me understand objective vs subjective by building my own experience. My...
  10. Kevbaz

    HD650 any better than 660

    Hi, I currently use Sennheiser HD660s which my wife bought me for Christmas last year. I think she went with that model assuming higher the number the better it is. I like the sound of the HD660s runnng of either my Mojo or more recently Hidizs S8, but there seems to be more favour on reviews...
  11. Kevbaz

    Should I upgrade

    Hi everyone, My headphone system I use as my desktop/home setup was the below fo a good few years. (MacBook + Qobuz)——low cost usb cable———-Chord Mojo——-Sennheiser HD660s I recently swapped out the Mojo to a Hidizs S8 and couldn’t tell the difference between the Mojo and S8, might slightly...
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