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  1. Kevbaz

    Headphone specific to Genre

    That’s what I would assume also, but seems a large number of people recommend specific makes/models for certain genre. But it does seem mostly on other forums that happens. Kev
  2. Kevbaz

    Headphone specific to Genre

    There are a lot of questions for recommendations for headphones for a specific Genre like classical, jazz etc. Are some headphones better for some genres or should a headphone that is neutral such as one following Harman target be a better option. I hear a lot of people saying Grado are great...
  3. Kevbaz

    PS Audio P12 Review Part 2: Power Testing

    I Would hope anyone who can afford this kind of device has the sense and intelligence to research before paying. A simple google search for this product leads to you this review, and in doing so will hopefully save some people their hard earned money. Kev
  4. Kevbaz

    Do you own any book about hi fi?

    I own “Sound Reproduction by Floyd Toole” also, fantastic book on what for me is most key and that’s the loudspeakers in the system
  5. Kevbaz

    PS audio explain how spike at bottom of the speaker works

    I assumed spikes were when putting speaker stands on carpet, so to puncture through carpet to the wood underneath for a more solid surface. Kev
  6. Kevbaz

    Why the hate for Grado?

    I used to use Grado up to about 4 weeks ago. I got my 1st Grado pair about 20 years ago, sr80 and recently in last 2 years upgraded to SR325e I loved them but didn’t have a speaker system or other headphones to compare them to so assumed this was as good as it got. I then bought some sennheiser...
  7. Kevbaz

    The Most Audiophool Thing You Own

    The two pair of Grado headphones I own, I was a die hard Grado fan for nearly 20 years until i tried other headphones and learnt there is way better out there. The company’s focus on the sound of wood, thick cables should have raised alarm bells.
  8. Kevbaz

    Which Song would you want to go Deaf On?

    private investigations - dire straits
  9. Kevbaz

    Wanting to buy better headphones

    I think they were about £90 on Amazon UK, I’ve not got any other JBLs to compare to but I’m very pleased with the Club Pro and the EQ means you can adjust the sound to preference. Kev
  10. Kevbaz

    Wanting to buy better headphones

    Another happy JBL user here. I have a pair of JBL Club Pro+ TWS IEMs and they are fantastic sound. The app with EQ is als really good, and they are currently discounted on most sites. Kev
  11. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    Agree with the above, the JBL Club Pro+ TWS sound very balanced and I can EQ them if I needed to. I’ve had no issues with lack of power with the inbuilt amp so as a package I think wireless headphones are a great choice. It also looks like a lot of effort from the larger mainstream manufacturers...
  12. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    To be honest I don’t know what compression or codec the JBL Club Pro+ TWS use so not sure if I should expect any degradation n sound quality, dynamic range. Think I need to go read up on Bluetooth and the various codecs :) Kev
  13. Kevbaz

    DACs with Mojo sound signature

    You might be better looking at one of the many well measuring DACs on here and use EQ to get the sound you want. Kev
  14. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    Feedback on any codec/standard is good
  15. Kevbaz

    DAC ABX shootout - unable to distinguish between 10$ and 15k$

    I’ve compared a Hidizs s8/9, Chord Mojo and RME ADI 2 DAC and I couldn’t hear any difference, I didn’t do ABX I just switched between two at a time Using same headphones. If there was any difference it wasn’t day/night. Kev
  16. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    I was pleasantly surprised how much bass the JBL club pros have, listening to the Bladerunner sound track you can hear some great lows :) and they sound clean. Kev
  17. Kevbaz

    Changed headphones to Bluetooth

    Hi, I’ve always been against wireless/Bluetooth headphones, I simply assumed they would have poor performance. No real reason beyond what I read online and assumption the compressing in Bluetooth would be audible. Last week I bought some JBL Club Pro+ TWS paired to my iPhone running Qobuz and I...
  18. Kevbaz

    IEM equivalent of AKG K371

    I’ve not tired headphones on the other tunings to be honest, but I do like the JBLs but then I do like something a little bright. Kev
  19. Kevbaz

    IEM equivalent of AKG K371

    I’m using JBL Club Pro+ Tws and really impressed with how they sound. I believe they are tuned to Harmon target
  20. Kevbaz

    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    Agree sounds like it is a different challenge to test TWS. Everyone I know know uses TWS even my wife and kids instead of wired headphones, would be great to see more testing with them. Kev
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