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  1. MaxBuck

    SOLD: Schiit Modi 3+ DAC

    Modi 3+ is the usual Schiit. Modi has barely been used. Nice DAC but lacks integral volume control. Modi 3+: $80 plus actual shipping cost Paypal only, please.
  2. MaxBuck

    RME ADI-2 DAC or miniDSP SHD as preamplifiers?

    I'm considering both the above excellent components, with the idea of replacing my Adcom GFP-750 and the DAC in my Bluesound Node and also provide DSP for room correction. Would the output from each of them be appropriate to feed my NAD C298 power amp? What measurements, exactly, do I need to...
  3. MaxBuck

    Cable Orientation Guides

    As I understand it, my speaker cables ideally should cross my amplifier (balanced) input cables and power cables at a 90-degree angle. Is this correct? And if so, is anyone aware of any manufactured guides (plastic or whatever) to help maintain that orientation?
  4. MaxBuck

    Room Correction with Schiit Lokius?

    I see that Schiit has just announced a new 6-band balanced equalizer they're calling the Lokius. If I were to measure room response using some software package or other and a decent microphone, do you believe this device could be satisfactory in adjusting the FR to accommodate my very hard...
  5. MaxBuck

    Balanced DAC - Audible Difference Likely?

    OK, I have a Schiit Modi 3+ worked into my new system (got it essentially as a disposable part to test some components before the remaining parts - KEF R11s and Bluesound Node - arrive). My question is whether I could expect a good balanced DAC like the Schiit Modius or Gustard X16 to yield an...
  6. MaxBuck

    Balanced Input to Adcom GFP-750

    This preamplifier has a balanced input section that specifies it to be for CD player. Would this likely be acceptable for balanced DAC output also? What specification parameters would I need to research to verify this won't fry anything or lead to horrible playback sound? Right now here's all...
  7. MaxBuck

    Amplification Advice Sought

    To drive the new KEF R11s that I've got on order, I'm considering the following power amplifiers: March P502 March P452 NAD C298 Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra Any thoughts? The speakers have an impedance minimum approaching 2 ohms, which has me a little concerned despite their fairly high...
  8. MaxBuck

    Help for Newbie with system

    Hi, all. I'm just getting back into listening to music - moved to a new place with existing architectural speakers in 4 rooms and mechanical switchbox and nothing else. All I have of my old stereo system is an Adcom GFP-750 preamp, so starting essentially from scratch. My objectives are...
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