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    Are there disadvantages to very high but angled down main bookshelf speaker placement?

    I need to mount a pair of bookshelf active monitors on a wall for my PC and because the entire front/left/right is covered with a two high stack of 32" computer monitor screens, in a 3 wide x 2 high configuration. I will be forced to use brackets to hold the speakers to walls, about two-three...
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    Yulong D11?

    I'd love to see this one reviewed here!
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    A new expense threshold for pre-amp/amp stack

    You're not suggesting that they "wire bypassed" all (active) circuitry to do their "best" measurements at unity gain, are you?
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    A new expense threshold for pre-amp/amp stack

    Based on the manual for their pre-amp L10 pre-amp product link: Link to the PDF manual for the product:
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    Best spec ADC Chip currently.... ??

    I am also interested in I2S output, not just USB from the Cosmos unit. That would really of interest to those of us that want to use the output digitally, either as I2s or convert to S/PDIF, AES/EBU, TOSLINK, etc...
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    Behringer DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro DSP Review

    I have two DEQ2496 units. What good modern devices can I replace them with, that have similar functionality? I only need balanced inputs and S/PDIF outputs, and of course the functionality in the DEQ2496.
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    Topping D90SE Review (Balanced DAC)

    How does the volume control work on the D90SE? Does it use the DAC chip's internal volume control (digital domain?) or does it do an external volume reduction in circuitry? Also, what are the attenuation steps? 0.5 dB? 1 dB? Also, since the volume control is defeatable, does having the volume...
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    How to do loopback test of DAC/ADC on macOS?

    So what was the result of the TRS port test, don't keep us in suspense :) !
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    Making very small distortions/errors audible with music signals. Some examples.

    Thank you very much for your detailed reply and analysis. I and I am sure other likeminded members really appreciate it - understanding where this program stands on the road to the true measurements of performance of a piece of audio gear.
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    Making very small distortions/errors audible with music signals. Some examples.

    Are there already equipment loopback plots using this tool on ASR?
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    Best relatively inexpensive way to go from Balanced Stereo to S/PDIF (TOSLINK or COAX/RCA)

    Hi, I am looking for a device that can take a balanced stereo input (or worst case unbalanced) and convert it to S/PDIF. This would involve Analog to Digital Conversion, of course. Currently, I am considering using a Behringer DEQ2496, which I already own, using its built-in ADC and balanced...
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    Has there been a review of the new Emotiva XPA HC-1 high current mono power amp?

    Well you can read the Stereophile review of the XPA Gen-3 at Emotiva XPA Gen3 two-channel power amplifier Measurements . It has severe intermodulation distortion, the likes of which I have not see even in very cheap power amplifiers. After seeing that, I was pretty much put off from even...
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    Amir, you're a star - no, not really, but you should hear this

    And to complain about your lack of communication skills, Amir, of all the things he could have found fault with - well, don't know what to say other than he is soooo wrong. Justifying it all with, oh Amir's an engineer and they are not expected to be able to communicate well... Well, I guess he...
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    Amir, you're a star - no, not really, but you should hear this

    AVRant Podcast #742: ASR Flame ON! (Audio Science Review Rant, 4:3 on a 'Scope Screen & more) Link to the episode: - "Review" of ASR and Amir himself (!) starts at: 1:31:46, so you can skip the rest of the nonsense
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    Volume control for DAC that uses ASIO

    Ahh, interesting, didn't know you could do that (bangs head). This may solve all my issues if it can be done with no to little latency.
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    Volume control for DAC that uses ASIO

    That looks like a simple USB based (remote) volume control (i.e., it let's you adjust volume using a USB device rather than an app's or Windows' own volume control). But, that's not at all what I am looking for. I am looking for something that works for all Windows sounds, bypasses the...
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    Volume control for DAC that uses ASIO

    I have an OPPO HA-1 DAC. The best way to communicate with it from my Windows 7 host is over ASIO (using its ASIO driver). The problem with this is that I lose volume control, since the Windows volume control no longer works. I can use the (stupid malfunctioning noisy analog) volume control...
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