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    KEF Q150 or Dali Oberon 1

    Both are available new for about the same price locally (650 SGD). Which would be a better speaker for a nearfield desktop setup. Source will be PC to xDuoo XA-10 DAC to SMSL SA300 AMP to speakers. Primarily for music usage.
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    Budget Mini Amp for Dali Oberon 1

    I went with the SMSL SA300 after the good reviews. Within budget too.
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Sorry I'm a noob in this but wouldn't a 48 volt/3 amp PSU give lesser power than a 32 volt/5 amp PSU?
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    Budget Mini Amp for Dali Oberon 1

    Thanks for the reply! The ICEpower 50ASX2 has 2 x 50W. It will be enough for these speakers?
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    Budget Mini Amp for Dali Oberon 1

    Some specs of the passive speakers : Sensitivity: 86dB Nominal Impedance: 6ohms Maximum SPL: 106dB Recommended Amplifier Power: 25 - 100W The source will be a Windows PC connected to a xDuoo XA-10 headphone amp/DAC. The main requirement is that it has to be small. Don't have much space left...
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    New Release : xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC & AMP

    I know the HEDDphone requires heavy power. The XA10 is 4W at 32 ohms. Not sure if that would be enough. You might be better off with the Magnius. Only reason I didn't go Schiit is the insane shipping prices ( 70USD!). Which is why when the XA10 released I snagged it right up. As for the SMSL...
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    New Release : xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC & AMP

    Just received it. Really couldn't be happier. Setup was a breeze, no driver issue whatsoever. I'm no audiophile but I love the sound coming from this thing. Drives the Arya with authority. Everything comes through with great detail. Only think I dislike is that it doesn't auto-mute the RCA outs...
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    New Release : xDuoo XA-10 Balanced DAC & AMP Seems interesting. Hope we get a review soon!
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    Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp & DAC

    Was looking at Jot2 with the built in dac chip to save some cash but looks like that's a no go because of performance.
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    JDS Labs Atom DAC Review

    Anyone have problems with USB randomly disconnecting? Even though everything is connected as it should be, my PC suddenly fails to detect the DAC and I will have to reboot. And even then, it will not detect it until I either turn off the power for the DAC and switch it back on or change USB...
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    Budget Balanced DAC to Pair With SMSL SH-9?

    Preferably a Chinese brand as I am planning to get it all from ShenzhenAudio. I really like the SH-9 and thought the DAC to pair with it, the SU-9 will be priced similarly. But its a whooping USD$460, a whole USD$170 more than the SH-9. So I am looking for something in the USD$200-$250 category...
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    Tube Amp worth it with Arya?

    TA30 certainly looks to be really good. 2 issues I have is the price and more importantly, the lack of a balanced out. I already invested in a balanced cable for the Arya and ideally, I'd love to use a balanced out.
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    Tube Amp worth it with Arya?

    It's also using the 4493 chip instead of 4490.
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    Tube Amp worth it with Arya?

    You might be on to something. Looking at the Xduoo TA-10/TA-10R. Might go with one of these. Waiting on reviews for the 10R.
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    Tube Amp worth it with Arya?

    Upon further research, I came to understand Aryas dont work well with tubes or THX. It just needs an amp with abundant power. Was about to go for the the Schiit Magnius/Modius stack until I saw that the Topping A30 Pro would be released soon so waiting on that.
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    Topping A30 pro - NEWS???

    If there's no preamp, I wont be able to hook my powered monitors up to this?
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    My Objective/Subjective Comparison of Three Popular High-End Headphones plus a Newcomer

    Thanks for the write up! Did the EQ you use was from oratory as well?
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    Schiit JOTUNHEIM 2 released

    Fair enough. The preamp switch is definitely nice. But even the 5W into 32ohms from the Magnius is more than enough for most headphones. It's also fully discrete though I am unsure of the benefits of this.
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    Schiit JOTUNHEIM 2 released

    No use for a phono card for me but I am leaning towards Magnius/Modius. Unless the reviews of Jot2 somehow justifies the $200 premium over the Magnius. Even Schiit's own marketing says Magnius measures better than the Jot2 though. From their FAQ: There are other balanced amps in Jotunheim 2’s...
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