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    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I had a couple of 1200as2 amps too and they both had internal transformer hum.. it was not enough to count as a real problem or defect, but for someone like me who uses his speakers nearfield sitting next to the amps/preamps, it was annoying enough to make...
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    Bookshelf-Sized CBT array - Constant Directivity through 5,000hz

    He added options to order 3 LCR speakers or a 5 pack today. Unless I just didn't notice it yesterday. I placed an order so I can give some impressions. I sent him an email asking if he's still producing these speakers.. no response yet but it is thanksgiving week so we'll cut him some slack ;)
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    Apollon Purifi 1ET400A 5 Channel Amplifier

    Very attractive high end looking enclosure!
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    SOLD!!!: Custom 3 Channel Gold HYPEX NC400 AmpSOLD!!!

    Interesting looking amp! Looks like it uses the binding post bypass system Ric Schultz recommends?
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    Sigberg Audio SBS.1 Active speakers prototype/build thread

    lol I like how you hang the grill on the side of your speaker stands. So these use a coaxial tweeter/midrange on top and a woofer on the bottom?
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    My su-9 from apos arrived today! It fits perfectly on top of my bookshelf speaker on my computer desk and I'm using xlr output to orchard audio class d monoblocks hidden behind my monitor with super short speaker cables. Sound is very clean and the 99 step volume control feature is great, the...
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Hey anyone order this from apos? how many days does it take to ship? been waiting a few days for my shipping notice
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    Hypex NC400 vs NC1200 vs 1ET400A?

    for magnepans might as well get as much power as you can. I'd go with nc1200
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    Hypex NC400 monoblocks

    how about a butt shot or internal? :P if it hasn't sold
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    Handmade copy of Purifi SPK5 design on UK eBay

    Great looking speakers, looks like you forgot to enable bidders from the usa
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    Two IceEdge 1200AS2 Class D amps in Ghent Cases 600wpc USA

    PRICE DROP $800 including shipping via UPS to anywhere in the USA, all fees etc included. Final price drop before I keep it for future experiments. please have a paypal confirmed address edit: reminder this is the Cardas XLR/ Furutech megabuck binding post version
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    Two IceEdge 1200AS2 Class D amps in Ghent Cases 600wpc USA

    I said I'd pay all shipping and PayPal fees. That's what I meant. Sorry if it wasn't worded clearly
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    Two IceEdge 1200AS2 Class D amps in Ghent Cases 600wpc USA

    furutech binding post/cardas xlr input version still available bump PRICE DROP $850 shipped UPS to usa only including paypal fee
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    SMPS for Audio Applications

    Would be cool to see a comparison vs the hypex smps that everyone is using with the purifi amp module.. for instance does yours get as hot? I guess effect on audio quality is more important though. does it have the same screw pattern so it can be used in the same pre-drilled cases?
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    Magnepan woofers vs 12'in DD woofers?

    DD = dynamic driver
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    My new Open Baffle Speakers Tri-Art Audio

    The driver damping on the back with wood pushing on the magnet is cool *thumbs up*
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    Two IceEdge 1200AS2 Class D amps in Ghent Cases 600wpc USA

    cheaper one is sold, furutech/cardas version still available
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