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    Denafrips Ares II + Topping Pre90 impedance issue

    Hi, So, I have the Denafrips Ares II DAC that I really like. I used to use it on my Aiyima 07 integrated amp since it has a volume control, but I recently got a VTV Purifi (EVAL1 buffer) amp that I love too, but, now I have to control the volume on the Ares 2. For that I recently got the...
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    FS: Hypex Electronics NC400 (dual mono block)

    For any member of the group I can sell cheaper:
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    Does it makes sense the Topping EX5 now in end of 2021?

    So, if one have the D50s+A50s stack or maybe the L50+E50 stack, does it make any sense the "all in one" EX5? I am conflicted about which stack to go, please help :(
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    Convert power amps to headphone amps.

    Is there a generic circuit that I could use to hear different kinds of power amps (tube or solid state, class A, AB or D) with headphones? I found this project online: But I was wondering if there is a more generic circuit that could work with any kind...
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    How to properly volume match DACs?

    So, I am wondering how one can properly A/B test two DACs if one of them (or both) don't have any kind of volume control in the output stage. I understand the concept of using a multimeter and a signal gen to match the voltage on the DACs, but, if they don't have a way to volume control and both...
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