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  1. sprellemannen

    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    There has also been made a JBL mini-Everest DIY: link :) How it was made: see here (and the youtube-poster has more videos of it as well).
  2. sprellemannen

    Under $200 headphones (or iems) for sleeping.

    I recently bought Sennheiser CX 300S. Very satisfied, surprisingly good sound, amazing value for money.
  3. sprellemannen

    10-year-old Revel Salon2 ?

    If so it is surprising that the Studio2s are still on Revel's site (as not discontinued), but I am not saying you are wrong. Any idea of how many Salon2's and Studio2's Revel has ever sold (pairs of each) ? How many each year?
  4. sprellemannen

    Favorite Loudspeakers of all time whether you owned them or not

    For me, only speakers made based on good research showing great measured performance make sense. Winner for me: Revel Salon 2 (owning them, amazing sound, great finish, practical physical size). Honourable mentions (in no special order and I have never owned any of them): KEF Blade (great...
  5. sprellemannen

    Sabaj A10d 2022 Version Review (DAC & Amp)

    Thanks for the review, Amir. An impressive unit, and I also like its design (first time ever I have liked a unit with handles).
  6. sprellemannen

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    What do you think of them ? (I love them: great sound and great comfort).
  7. sprellemannen

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Sennheiser CX 300S: Will be received this week, will be used for Microsoft Teams-meetings. Sennheiser IE 300: Used for everything else when not listening to my Revel Salon2.
  8. sprellemannen

    The most overrated and underrated headphone you tired?

    Sennheiser is great: My favourite brand when it comes to headphones.
  9. sprellemannen

    Closed Headphone

    @Metronomy, I was recently looking for closed headphones. Some criterions I had: 1) great sound 2) great comfort 3) very little sound leakage 4) made by a manufacturer which is great regarding replacement parts 5) durabilility. Confer for instance Rtings regarding sound leakage measurements...
  10. sprellemannen

    Legacy Wavelet Attempted Review (Speaker Processor)

    Great job, Amir. Bad job, Legacy Audio.
  11. sprellemannen

    Why are preamps so expensive?

    I am sure LA4 is amazing.
  12. sprellemannen

    Fair price used Salon 2's

  13. sprellemannen

    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    I agree with this, and the same goes to other measurements. Some measurements would be better to group into categories, like say "Excellent", "Good", "Poor", "Awful". If there is no audible advantage between SINADs of 110 and higher, say, a SINAD of 120 should not being judged any better than...
  14. sprellemannen

    The most overrated and underrated headphone you tired?

    I disagree. There is in my opinion no cheaper and easier way to high quality sound than headphones.
  15. sprellemannen

    The most overrated and underrated headphone you tired?

    Soundwise, I agree. Unfortunately, I will not recommend them, though. Confer this. I gave mine to a friend.
  16. sprellemannen

    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Thanks for your comments, Tks and solderdude. I am a previous owner of the HD 800 (not S) and loved it both sound- and comfortwise. Maybe I follow @solderdude 's advice and buy it and use EQ. Thanks for the useful comments regarding comfort, @Tks and @solderdude: comfort is super-important. One...
  17. sprellemannen

    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    What do you think about HD 650 VS HD 800 S soundwise and comfortwise? (without EQ)
  18. sprellemannen

    Help me decide!

    For me, they look great in black, and their performance is amazing.
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