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  1. Nango

    Dedicated gaming mobile phones (aka Rogg, Legion, etc.) always better SQ?

    Are such gaming dedicated cell phones always good for audio as well ......or not necessarily? I guess if they are trimmed to produce good real gaming sound they could be also good for dedicated audio.
  2. Nango

    Did Toppings/S.M.S.L. stopped production?

    Umpteenth review in a row with no Topping and SMSL involved while time before every week we had an item from those mfr in the review ....... did they stopped production??? Do they stopped sending in the products?? What happened here???
  3. Nango

    How to determine fair price levels for asian hifi gear

    Wondering if it could be an idea and if there is a more or less "scientific" way to proper approach or determine what the (fair) retail price should be for let's say, an amplifier, DAC, whatever is manufactured in the far east. We all "suffer" from the bubble going on in headphones and...
  4. Nango

    Which headphone(s) of "inferior prestige" do you come always back to?

    Sad but true ..... SRH840 (with angled wide HM5 pads) !! Great on this track:
  5. Nango

    Cable USB-C to SPDIF (Coax)

    This cable is supposed to bypass digital audio signal from the USB-Out into Coax in ..... But does it work in general with ALL kind of DAP as long as they feature USB -Audio Out?
  6. Nango

    Best (decent) DAP/Phone based only on battery duration?

    I am now searching for a source with Wifi/BT (not necessarily Tidal etc.) and mSDXC with the longest possible battery life where the sq is not priority 1 ...... Have so far an XDP-02U with around 12hrs run time .... Any better options available there????? Mobile phone is Realme 7 which sucks in...
  7. Nango

    Which IEM did you once sell, regretted soon ...... and purchased again??

    I am currently moving to a more portable approach for my listening equipment, including IEM (coming from a pure desktop headphone based solution). Not that I would rely my decision purely on that info, but which IEM did you sell, regretted soon and ...... purchased again? And finally, are IEM...
  8. Nango

    Memorable Duets, with one being much much better singer than the other ........

    Till I Loved You - Barbra Streisand & Don Johnson Great song, great lyrics, needless to say who the better singer is :-) ....
  9. Nango

    Testing and checking PSU for DAC

    We all hear and read often that a better power supply always improve the performance of a D/A conversion. I dont know if your equipment @amirm is capable of detecting how this really works, if any. And I would really like to understand from a science/expert point of view why this works and how...
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