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  1. TrevorD

    Dumb Question - multiple pairs of speakers.

    My gut tells me this is the most stupid question ever asked on an audio forum but here goes...... The following is a fictional example: Lets say I have pair of bookshelf speakers - reasonable SQ - cost around US$300 from a good brand. There is little problem though, they have a sound hole lets...
  2. TrevorD

    Chromecast Ultra And Chromecast with Google TV as Audio Streamers

    Hi Folks - my first post here so please be kind :). This is a long post, so I will put my conclusion at the start so you don't have to read through it all. Goal: I wanted to see if the Chromecast Ultra (CCU) and Chromecast with Google TV (CCwGTV) can be used as audio streamers without having to...
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