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  1. guddu

    For Sale: AudioQuest Rocket 33 - BiWire Speaker Cables, 10 feet length

    AudioQuest Rocket 33 - BiWire Speaker Cables, 10 feet each. Works very well, as it should. Very well built, premium looks too. Bought for 450+taxes, selling for 250$. Location is Atlanta, would prefer local pickup but can ship on buyer's shipping label.
  2. guddu

    SOLD: Topping D90 Non-MQA | Mint Condition

    Hi, I bought this Topping D90 in March 2020, used it for a few months (4-5 months) but could not setup or use after downsizing to different house. It is in absolutely mint condition, no issues - functional or cosmetic what so ever. Original box/packing as well as accessories included, as you see...
  3. guddu

    3 Ohm HTiB speakers with normal AVRs?

    Hi, It was asked to me by a friend but I wasn't confident to answer, and so looking for answer here. Small HTiB speakers (like LG, Sony, etc.) are mostly rated 3 ohm, is it safe to use these speakers with any AVR? Normally it is mentioned on AVR to use at lease 6 ohm speakers but I would not...
  4. guddu

    WTT Topping D90 (absolutely mint) for an amplifier, moving to multichannel DAC

    Hi, I have D90, bought in end of March 2020, in mint condition and willing to trade for an amplifier (preferably Hypex Ncore or Purify). I can provide more details and pics, Please PM to discuss. Thank You.
  5. guddu

    Small footprint Analog (AUX or RCA) to Digital (SFDIF or Coaxial) Converter

    Hi, My TV's SPDIF stopped working today and now I need to find something to convert AUX to SPDIF or Coaxial to feed to DAC D90. I looked up on Amazon but only small black box type ADC are available with mixed reviews. Can you suggest something decent?
  6. guddu

    FS: Dali Zensor Vokal Center Speaker

    For sale is Dali Zensor Vokal Center Speaker - fully functional, original box/accessories, mint condition. Almost 6 months old. Product is in Atlanta, will prefer local sale but can ship on buyer's expense. Asking Price - 140$.
  7. guddu

    First Attempt to MathAudio Room EQ in Foobar2000

    Dear FMs, I am using UMM-6 for measurements and uploaded calibration file to MathAudio folder before taking measurements. I am not getting anything mids or high freq. captured there, as you can see in snap below. Any suggestions what might be wrong here? Many Thanks.
  8. guddu

    First Attempt to REW

    Dear FMs, This is my first attempt to REW and so I must have made many errors, please help and comment what do you think? Does measurements look properly captured by the looks of it? Any comments on before EQ response? I have tried to apply EQ and captured values, how does it look in the snaps...
  9. guddu

    Speaker Cable Connector Question - AudioQuest Rocket 33

    Dear FMs, I recently noticed that my speaker cable connectors are going bad, I am looking for suggestion if I need to replace those connectors or if these are still good to use? This cable is AudioQuest Rocket 33.
  10. guddu

    Klipsch WF-34 - Any good???

    Dear FM, I am looking for impressions on Klipsch WF-34 floorstands if you have had with you, specially for stereo. These are quite old, I know, but would appreciate you sharing your impression. Thank You.
  11. guddu

    Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F - Owner Reviews/Observations?

    Hello FM, I am looking for reviews/views/observations on Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F floorstands. Any FM using it in stereo or HT capacity please share your opinion/observations. These have not been reviewed in ASR yet, so creating this one for recommendation/reviews. Thank You.
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