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  1. sprellemannen

    Leakage performance for closed headphones

    I would like the leakage performance to be included in the reviews of closed headphones, because I find that information important. Rtings includes that, see for instance leakage. That being said, Amir does a totally stunning job in reviewing gear.
  2. sprellemannen

    Diagram rotation

    If this kind of diagrams are rotated, I think they are easier to read (and rotate the numbers as well for readability). Example:
  3. sprellemannen

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year (in advance) to all members of this amazing forum!
  4. sprellemannen

    The ultimate headphone stand costs $ 16.99 (and it has additional features)

    Its name is NÄVLINGE, and it is sold by IKEA. It * is bendable (see the photos for an example) * comes in black, white or blue * comes in many different variations other than colours (price varies then a bit, but it will still be extremely cheap) * has a base making it steady * is a lamp! IKEA...
  5. sprellemannen

    Wear and tear of headphones (photos)

    It can be difficult for a reviewer to say something about how good headphones are regarding wear and tear. This thread is meant to make readers aware of such things (bad or good) documented by photos.
  6. sprellemannen


    Pizza with extra cheese.
  7. sprellemannen

    buying an internet domain: help needed

    I may want to buy a domain to put my "CV-information" on it. Any suggestions regarding this? What is the costs etc. ?
  8. sprellemannen

    Popular place to have a personal website (preferably free)

    Anyone having suggestions on this? (there are many persons with IT background on this site) The purpose of my website is to put "CV-information" on it. Links to certifications, write something about education, contact information etc.
  9. sprellemannen

    help finding artist and song thread

    This thread is meant for helping finding artist and song name (for cases where the Soundhound app does not find it). Can someone tell me what is the artist and song name for melody in Donald Trump's video posted on his twitter account on 8:53 PM Nov 11, 2020 ? Link (no political or other off...
  10. sprellemannen

    what made you willing to spend "some bucks" on audio gear?

    What made you willing to spend some bucks on audio gear and not stick to something really cheap, say like that stereo shown below? To be more clear: Tell us about how you discovered high quality stereo systems, and what made you buy such a system.
  11. sprellemannen

    Optimal wall placement (height) of TV

    What is the optimal distance from the floor to the bottom of the TV? (I guess the centre point of the TV is a basis for the computation) The following information is given: Given the following regarding the TV: a) Its format is 16:9. b) Its size is x inches. c) It has no border. Assume that...
  12. sprellemannen

    Acoustical draperies with specs (Noise reduction coefficient, Sound absorption average, ...)

    Rose Brand - a curtain example What do you think? The specifications can be seen by pressing the "Techincal info" tab in the above link Is it worth it for use in living rooms (compared to "normal" draperies) ? (and other rooms in the apartment as well) The home page: Rose Brand
  13. sprellemannen

    Non-audio-products sites which are measurement based ("scientific based")

    TV's and monitors: Do you know of other sites like that? (I could want sites for washing machines, tumble dryers and more).
  14. sprellemannen

    The most comfortable headphones: a) Open b) Closed

    What is in your opinion the most comfortable open headphones? And the most comfortable closed headphones?
  15. sprellemannen

    How can the _members_ themselves make Audiosciencereview a better forum ?

    How can you contribute to this forum yourself? One thing we can do is maybe to start our own audio blog thread under the Member Area where we show photos of our setup, discuss products we have (or have had), discusses the room, tell about unforgettable "happenings" in audio (listening...
  16. sprellemannen

    what you think makes Audiosciencereview (ASR) great

    ASR deserves in my opinion a lot of praise. This thread is made for us to praise great things with this forum. ASR's focus is in my opinion what makes it amazing: Science. Asbjørn, who holds a PhD from MIT and has amazing audio skills, wrote it in the following way (in another forum): "In my...
  17. sprellemannen

    Your suggestions for making Audiosciencereview (ASR) even better

    First of all, I want to thank Amir and Thomas Savage for this amazing forum. Amir's working capacity is obviously very high and in my opinion he publishes very well-written reviews all with measurements. Amir and Thomas also seem to me to have made an excellent job in keeping this forum "on...
  18. sprellemannen

    The "Are these good photos?"-thread

    Any photographers here having any opinions on the below photos. They are taken by a person named Mats Holst, and are probably copy right protected.
  19. sprellemannen

    Protecting the speakers from the kids

    Do you have any suggestions on how to protect the speakers from the kids? So they do not damage them: For instance by pressing on the elements, damage its "foot" or finish etc. (My speakers are Revel Ultima Salon2)
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