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    Windows bug with audible alert

    But only when using 5.1 audio.
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    Does Voicemeeter degrade SQ?

    Lately I've come across several remarks in other threads that Voicemeeter degrades SQ. Why would that be? I run VM (without sample rate conversion) and to me it sounds transparent.
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    Inventor compact cassette Lou Ottens passed Dutch:
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    Seeking advice for simple campus PA/sound system

    For a non-profit organisation I'm looking for a simple and cost-effective way to install several (ca. 5) indoor and outdoor speakers on the campus. They will be used for sounding a chime or gong a couple of days at fixed times. Requirements - automated timer - able to play sound files - sound...
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    Vinyl scores again

    In the latest episode from the Vinyl vs Digital wars Jozef Bogin manages to boot a PC from an LP. Wonder what's next. Sending a gramophone record into outer space to communicate with aliens??? o_O
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    Visiting Purifi Audio

    Background article on Purifi Audio by Danish site
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    The case for testing ovens on ASR

    Here’s why “baking” damaged reel-to-reel tapes renders them playable again
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    Full Circle: Rotary Cellphone (diy)

    Justine Haupt comes to the rescue of the Reluctant Smartphone User.
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    Ncore and Purifi amps: new kid on the block

    Stumbled upon Holton Precision Audio announcing Ncore and Purifi amps for Q4 of 2019 with "Holton NCore IO management module". Anybody familiar with this supplier? Thoughts on the module?
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