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    DB25 Data Switch Box w/Audio

    Just curious if anyone has tried one of these type data switches with multichannel audio? KENTEK DB25 4 Way Manual Data Switch Box RS-232 Parallel Serial D-Sub 25 Pin Female I/O ABCD Port for PC MAC to Peripherals Devices Printer Modem : Electronics
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    Balanced Multichannel Switch w/ Unbalanced Equipment (RCA -> XLR -> RCA)

    Ok, I know this is a bit strange, but was wondering .... Multichannel switches are difficult if not impossible to come by, but there are a few of them available in the balanced audio world. So, what happens with that balanced switch if you use it for switching a system consisting of solely...
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    Amplifier Connected Directly to Dac and Volume Levels

    So I have an Benchmark AHB2 with of course, only balanced XLR inputs. I also have an Exasound E38 Dac, which is spec'd as outputting 2.1 Vrms on its line outputs. So I thought I'd try connecting the Exasound directly to the AHB2 via RCA to XLR adapter cable, just because ... I can, and I...
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    Class D Power Ratings vs A/AB Power Ratings

    Been reading through the Class D amp reviews (here and elsewhere) and a point of confusion for me are the power ratings, and their accuracy. These class D seem to have massive power ratings. So for example, is it really OK to run a speaker with max power rating of 150W with these hypex ncore...
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