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    Meanwhile, at the Aquarium

    In a meanwhile at the Aquarium, the penguins gets to tour around the place. and a couple of penguin and more
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    ASR's Fundraising Pleas Consolidation Post

    If you find this article useful, please consider making donations through Patreon or if you are member, by "Upgrading your account". The funding enables me to purchase more products and test. If you like this review, please consider donating funds for these types of hardware purchase using...
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    Goop Reviewed... a proper lab
  4. TungstenC

    Moonshine with a twist

  5. TungstenC

    Cryogenic Treatment Tested

  6. TungstenC

    Gotta love the units

  7. TungstenC

    First Images Of A Black Hole

  8. TungstenC

    Sonarworks’ sound preference research project
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    Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock....

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    New JDSLabs Amp coming soon

    “Features, specs, and reviews coming 11/15/2018”- Original post HERE
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    A Curious Question On Audio Analysers

    Is it possible to use an audio analyser's output section for audio playback(music)?
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    I will just let these pictures speak for themselves. Yes, this is real. Pot, nut and washer > ESD BAG > sandwiched between foam slices > black box >ESD bag o_O I'm a bit curious right now, since when are pots ESD sensitive?
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