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    How do I interpret EQs from different people?

    I'm learning about EQ adjustments at the moment and have found several sources that seem to provide a decent starting point but I don't completely understand how they came up with their values or if a different balance suits different purposes? Is room correction different? Or maybe it doesn't...
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    How does bass quality and bass extension work?

    Polk S15, 50Hz frequency, many complaints of poor bass IK Multimedia iLoud MTM, 50Hz frequency, universal praise Are there any numbers I can read to understand the differences here? I understand they are different products but is bass not bass?
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    Any Audioengine A5+ competitors?

    I've been searching for a good pair of speakers to use at my desk via a PC and the Audioengine A5+ comes recommended from our lord and savior Amir. However, it's not in my nature to accept one recommendation, I need to create a spreadsheet with 25+ different options ranging from $400 to $2000AUD...
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    I still need advice for desktop audio

    I'm currently using Audioengine HD3 and am unsatisfied so thinking of upgrade paths. One option is to add a sub but I don't like the idea of having even more black boxes surrounding me and where do I put that thing? I could also replace them with something like the Kanto YU6 or A5+. My...
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