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    Input needed: Do I really need surge protectors and other electrical system gadgets?

    Hi all, I’m about to have the electrical run for my dedicated A/V room (2-channel is priority but will include a 9.1.6 atmos). The A/V room will have it’s own sub-panel and the rack located just outside the room. Here‘s the suggested electrical gear and I’d love to know the thoughts those in...
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    Subjective opinions only (no objective analysis please)... what do you think of these speakers?

    Edit: the title is just a little light hearted ASR humor... thought some folks might enjoy seeing what the M2s look like with a better finish. Opinions on the new look are welcome! Those are factory grills with the cloth removed; trying to decide if I like them better covered or exposed...
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    FS: Pair of JBL M2s and Crown Amp

    Edit: corrected pricing due to my error Hi all, Listing these for a family friend- please PM me for his direct contact information if you're interested. Speakers/amp located near Orlando, Fl. I helped the owner buy these M2s and the Crown Dci 8/600N amp brand new in April of 2021. He has...
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    Sealing a JBL 5628 subwoofer... A bad idea?

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at using a speaker modeling program and designing any type of enclosure, and I don't know what I don't know. I've modeled (using my best estimates) the JBL 5628 subwoofer in WinIsd, and the SPL tracks very closely to JBL's published frequency response. I also...
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    Home theater speaker selections?

    I’m currently planning to finish ~2300 sq. ft. of my basement, of which ~550 sq ft (~19’Wx29’Lx8.5’H) will be for a dedicated hometheater and listening room. 2-channel listening is the priority, and necessary trade-offs will always be in favor of 2-channel performance. Front L/R duties will be...
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    Amp upgrade for JBL M2 (would be submitted for testing)

    @amirm I tried to send a PM but I keep getting blocked as spam... Many thanks for the wonderful forum you've created and the testing service you're providing for the audio community! If you're interested in testing the amps below, then I'd be interested in learning how the process works and...
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