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    KEF T101 Review (Thin Speaker)

    Something like the Magnepan MMGW...$325 or so/pr...been around for awhile (10+ years?).
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    Pop-folk & other Balkan music

    Any recommendations for more traditional instrumental music featuring the cimbalon from the Balkan area?
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    Most DACs 'more than' good enough yet still, people keep searching for Holy Grails. Why?

    Never, ever wanted to ride a fat Harley sporting the retired dentist rebel beard....
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    Poll: Where are you guys from?

    Catskills, USA via NYC, Boston and this site!
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Just sayin' and listenin'....Mountain Chill...Telluride CO...internet radio..sorry....forgive me but nice throughout the week.....
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    Poll: Best Looking Stereo Integrated Amp

    Wish this had been an integrated amp...looks like one..nice design regardless...
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    What is your favorite Cologne or Perfume?

    Hawaiian Surf from the 70s which is now made of Unobtainium......Proraso Red as a light sandalwood splash.....Hey, you asked...
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    what are your industrial design favorites?

    I know, Icepower..(nothing wrong with that)..tubes..(nothing horrible about that).....but like the minimalist approach..... I had a best selling piece in the MoMA NY catalog years ago so ID is an important consideration for me.
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    What is / are your most memorable camera(s)?

    Fun little camera....sorry for blurry tablet photo!
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    How the heck does Devialet do it?

    Form and Function but unfortunately ugly won.
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    Steve Guttenberg compares subjective and objective reviews

    Not sure but I think there might have been some real bass in some music prior to this last decade....
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    4 new Schiit preamps

    Unless of course, you prefer gelato!
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    What are we listening to right now..

    Massive Attack..."Paradise Circus"
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    Wine Thread

    Fun movie!
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Looking forward to your testing with MMG's as I also have a pair that are begging to be amplified
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