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    Subwoofer problem with low level connections. But high level seems to work. Low vs high?

    I've got a Definitive Tech PF15 sub, purchased in 1995. It has both low level RCA and high level speaker connections. I've always used the RCA connections from my Rotel preamp. I also have a Rotel power amp, which gets a separate feed from the preamp. Yesterday after changing some stuff in my...
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    Mixer-style speaker level adjustments on AVR?

    I have a very old Denon AVR for my 5.1 setup. In thinking about an AVR upgrade, I would love to be able to have a unit that offers full (& easy) control of speaker levels while playing back. Kind of like having an audio mixing board to tweak the levels. My Denon has Audyssey, and once I...
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    Need some help choosing DAC for connecting to my system - do I need 'DAC Only Mode'?

    Hi All, Looking to purchase my first DAC, mostly for streaming FLAC hi-res audio files to two destinations: my existing Rotel stereo (RCA unbalanced in on my Rotel preamp which then goes to the amp) and also to a balanced headphone amp (yet to be purchased but will be a separate unit). Budget is...
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    Long cable for DAC/headphone amp, what's best for Hi Res audio?

    Hi all, first post here. I've been enjoying all the awesome threads and reviews, and now I need some help. I want to setup a headphone listening station (a DAC/headphone amp combo unit) in my living room but it's kinda far from the source. Source being a soon-to-be-installed CPU and DAC which...
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