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    Some records cause my speaker woofer to go through large displacements

    I finally have a place to setup my audio gear and just listen to it. This has allowed me to start going through the whole system and get things running/sounding as good as possible. My setup consists of: Adcom 555 amp Adcom GTP 500 preamp Audio Technica at-120 turn table with vm-95e cartridge...
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    Looking to upgrade my system. Subwoofer vs new speakers

    My current setup consists of: Adcom GFA 555 amp Adcom GTP 500 preamp Topping EX5 DAC Audio-Technica 120 Phonograph C-Note speakers (home made) I have other setups and what not but I'm looking to improve this one. I think the best place to spend my money is on transducers (speakers) and not on...
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    Old CD's on New Hardware

    I'm trying to decide about keeping my old CD collection. I have about 200 CD's mostly from the 1990's and early 2000's. If I drive digital out of an older CD player (good in it's day) into a new, highly regarded DAC am I likely to see any improvement in sound? I have good hardware in the rest...
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    Looking for a DAC to add to my system

    I currently have a ifi Zen DAC which I use for my office setup. It drives an Adcom preamp and 2 channel amp. My speakers of home built C-Notes along with a home made subwofer. I choose the Zen because it supported MQA and had a good price point. I use a combination of Tidal and Spotify. I...
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    Driving amp with volume control from a headphone amp with volume control

    As the title states, I'm driving a SMSL SA-50 with a ifi Zen dac which is also a headphone amp. This means I have two volume controls. Guessing the headphone amp is sub 1v to a couple of volts. Question is: If I want the best sounds what is the generalization regarding settings of the volume...
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