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    Why are 1970's receivers so valuable now?

    I too love the look. This is my office setup. Marantz 2245 driven by Topping DX3pro+ and my work laptop.
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    Compact Class D Amp Recommendations For Elac DBR-62

    I'm running my DBR-62's with a Topping PA5. I too also have a powered subwoofer. Three months so far and very happy with it. My only complaint is the form factor. I wish it was rack with like the rest of my components.
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    Balanced dac recommendation with bluetooth <$1000

    Topping EX5 meets all of your needs I believe. $350 will leave you with plenty left over
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    Help me choose a DAC: Topping EX5, SMSL DO200, with less high pitch noise

    Mine does not run hot but it is warm. Guessing some of that may be the power supply.
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    Help me choose a DAC: Topping EX5, SMSL DO200, with less high pitch noise

    I have both a EX5 and DX3 Pro+. I can't tell the different from a sound stand point. The EX5 has balanced outputs and MQA support. Neither are available on the DX3. They both support LDAC BT and both have remotes. I don't use either as a headphone amp so I can't comment on that. There is a...
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    Recommended Dacs for PA5

    I'm too late to the party but I use an EX5 with my PA5 as well. However the EX5 goes into a preamp then to the PA5 so I was not concerned about output levels. The EX5 puts out 4.3 volts so you should be ok.
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    Listening to music via Aptx Adaptive bluetooth speakers

    I assume your speakers are powered and currently have bluetooth input as an option supporting Aptx. Most if not all of the Klipsch speakers also support optical as well. If you are really concerned you can get a streaming device and pick up a digital optical out from the streamer and drive the...
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    Carver M-1.5t Review (Vintage Amp)

    I have an Adcom GFA-555 currently sitting on a shelf but the cost to ship it to the west coast and back makes the whole operation expensive.
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    I had no problem using RCA to TS however it is all comes down to voltage output levels from the DACs RCA connection.
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    class D Amp recomendation for ELAC DBR62, under 300$

    I'm currently running my DBR62's with the Topping PA5. I had it for about 10 days. It replaced an Adcom GFA555 amp (200 watts into 8ohms) which stopped working (I've since fixed it). Both are used in combination with a DSP based powered subwoofer which takes some of the load off the amp. I...
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    PA5 showed up tonight. Did a quick check of sound and realized that I need to readjust my subwoofer to get everything sounding right. I now have to dial in both my pre amp volume level and that of the PA5 along with the DSP controls on the sub. It was easier with the Adcom 555 amd... Sound...
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    I would prefer not to have 2 different volume controls but I will make due. My Adcom 555 amp just lost the left channel this morning. I plan on fixing it but in the mean time the PA5 needs to fill in
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    The preamp is an Adcom GTP-500. The main output level is listed as 2.0V to 10.0V.
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    I just ordered one of these then remembered about the inputs being TRS balanced. By Adcom preamp outputs everything in RCA. I can find RCA to TS but not TRS on Amazon. Will TS work? Thanks
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    Trying to understand the turntable/vinyl world...

    At some level this whole discussion seems ridiculous. I watch antique car auctions many times a month. Those cars are beautiful but no one in their right mind will (should) argue that they are better than any number of current cars from any objectionable stand point. Spinning records is just...
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    Desktop Setup?

    Since you mentioned you are a DYI'r I suggest "C Note" speakers as a kit for about $100. Add a DAC and amp of you choice and you can easily be less than $600. $120 speakers, Aiyima a07 $80, Topping DAC $110 - $200 depending on needed features. Here is my setup with a Topping DX3Pro+ and a...
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    Are you using a subwoofer/subwoofers?

    Finally upgraded my speakers. Elac DBR 62 (white) with a DYI 8" powered subwoofer (also white). I think they look and sound great. The addition of the subwoofer is subtle and more then anything else "fills" in the sound with a richness that was not there before. Still playing around with the...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I normally respond to this silliness but a couple of years ago I worked with a person who is EE and works for a high tech company that helps others build all of the chips that end up in audio systems and nearly everything else. He also was the first person I've met who was "into" audio. He...
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    Some records cause my speaker woofer to go through large displacements

    Thank you for the excellent descriptions. This all makes sense. @sergeauckland was also correct that the speakers are ported (rear). I have been pondering selling the Adcom equiment and just getting something smaller like the Topping PA5 since it has 2 inputs and volume control but I have...
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    Some records cause my speaker woofer to go through large displacements

    Jim I mentioned that I did that and noticed a change. I guess my real question is: Why is this happening? Any why on only certain records?
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