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    Using REW to integrate a subwoofer in stereo system?

    I have been able to use REW and apply corrective filters thanks to some very helpful people from this forum. I am going to investigate a small sub to fill the low end better and hopefully balance some room modes. Can some equally helpful individual kindly help me understand how to do it? The...
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    Assistance in creating REW EQ filters, please

    Hi all, I have spent the best part of the day measuring my room and I am getting more and more confused with what I am expecting. I have taken measurements in an empty room (apart from my desk, photo below) and added in the limited acoustic treatment I have and tested each time. This is...
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    Did my first measurements - what do they mean?

    Hi, I got my UMIK-1 today and did a series of measurements at my MLP. Below are some screengrabs from REW. VAR smoothing for the SPL graphs. I'm in a modest room - 2.5m x 3.5m x 2.5mm (width by length by heigh) and I am sat facing the 2.5m wall. Desk with large monitor and two laptops either...
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