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  1. nathan

    Setup error? Damaged stylus? Music Hall MMF 5.1 issues? Goldring 1012GX issue? Goldring D12 stylus issue?

    The cartridge (Goldring 1012GX) or at least the stylus section (D12 also from Goldring) seems like it is sitting lower against the LP than ever before and tracking has gotten worse. EDIT UPDATE TLDR after double checking all the setup factors Music Hall confirms this is a failure of the stylus...
  2. nathan

    Triad LCR speakers spin test measurements?

    I did a search and realize that ASR hasn't tested any Triad speakers. These are quite popular with custom installs (think Erskine) allegedly because of their consistent focus on engineering, quality components and no nonsense design philosophy. In THEORY that implies they have pretty linear...
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