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  1. Plcamp

    Review and Measurements and miniDSP 2x4 HD DSP and DAC

    Yes indeed. Begs a question I have difficulty getting an answer to… If I restrict the discussion to 300 hz and lower, what is the SINAD level that achieves ‘transparency’? I understand the -115db for the full range, but everyone acknowledges low frequency distortion is harder to detect. Is...
  2. Plcamp

    Anyone see this train wreck in Stereophile?

    Seeing this review makes me feel much better about my past speaker efforts.
  3. Plcamp

    What’s your favourite Audio YouTuber?

    Joseph Crowe.
  4. Plcamp

    Compression drivers?

    Thanks for showing your data. I would like to hear more about your intent to make new horns for these…that’s what I am thinking too. I would actually like to make the exit flare carved into a live edge plank.
  5. Plcamp

    Unbalanced vs Balanced Interconnects. Was I taught Wrong?

    The thing balanced is good at is rejection of common mode noise. Your chances of hearing common mode noise are higher with unbalanced and higher with the length of the unbalanced. If you do experience noise, you might be able to at least partially suppress it with clamp on ferrite beads. I...
  6. Plcamp

    Compression drivers?

    This driver looks interesting to me for replacement of a Tangband fullrange in OB from about 500 hz up, supported by two 15” OB woofers. It tested well by Joseph Crowe (with his horns). SB offers an inexpensive low cutoff horn...
  7. Plcamp

    Bi-amp, bi-wire, passive crossover & active crossover interaction

    I don’t see any advantage to biamping such systems.certain speakers (such as OB) have giant differences in power requirements for bass vs hf, so there may be some theoretical advantage in that case, but the real advantage is getting cross and eq control before the amps. The picture is the...
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    Vacuum Insulated Window Glass

    One advantage of cold Ottawa is that when your windows need replacing, you spend enough to get triple glazed. It’s very quiet.
  9. Plcamp

    AVR vs amp speaker measurement

    Interesting to put it that way. I drive a power amp (fully driven at -3db) from an e30 DAC, and the loudest I ever listen is at -20db, so I have power headroom of 50x and never need worry about sufficient power. With an 85W amp driving Paradigm Studio 100’s. LP is about 3m away.
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    A Call For Humor!

    If any product gets this panther rating, I am staying far away from it!
  11. Plcamp

    A Call For Humor!

  12. Plcamp

    Review and Measurements and miniDSP 2x4 HD DSP and DAC

    Yes, AVR’s can have 0 db output level lower than the 2V you get from a digital input. Your AVR might have ability to increase output voltage such that it is outputting 2V @ 0 db. Alternately you could save one of the four stored setups to boost the incoming AVR signal inside the 2x4 hd.
  13. Plcamp

    Audibility thresholds of amp and DAC measurements

    Question: Does the research that determined the ‘provably inaudible’ threshold of 120 db SINAD have more nuance than that single number dependent on frequency? Put another way, if I restricted the frequency range of interest to under 500 hz, would there be a radically different inadibility...
  14. Plcamp

    Is it OK for a three-way designed speaker to out put the same tone through two drivers?

    If the two speaker’s centres are less than 1/4 wavelength separated, this shouldn’t matter…as might be the case with two OB woofers, one in a u-frame and one not. I am thinking of trying that, with uframe crossed out at 150-200 hz and non uframe crossed to high end at 600 hz (both are 15”...
  15. Plcamp

    Is anyone else Ok with less than perfect performance?

    No, it must be absolutely perfect and I will never listen to this thing you call ‘music’ until it is. Until then, it’s backyard birds who’s repertoire, while limited, is at least full fidelity.
  16. Plcamp

    TV Series Suggestion Please

    If you enjoy political humour, the funniest tv series I’ve seen would be (the very old) “Yes, Minister” and it’s follow on “Yes, Prime Minister”. When you watch it you see that things don’t really change, it’s all the same BS many decades later.
  17. Plcamp

    Best Horror movies

    “If you really loved me, you’d let me eat your brain”
  18. Plcamp

    Topping A90 Discrete Review (Headphone Amp & Preamp)

    FYI, I took mine apart and realigned the LED, and it is better. Results may vary.
  19. Plcamp

    GR Research

    Nonsense straw man argument that simply makes folks think you are here to bash ASR with zero real points to make.
  20. Plcamp

    GR Research

    Please advise why you think that spending a long time with a product tells you anything about its sound quality? Why is a reviewers judgment of that more significant than measurements that tell you quickly, objectively and with repeatability? I can see that this might have value for feature...
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