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    Naim Uniti Atom Review (Streamer & Amp)

    my favourite is hi-res enthusiasts who express concern that they may not be getting 24/192 because the display doesn't show the sample/bit rate, even though elsewhere they are telling people that if they can't hear the improvement in SQ that hi-res delivers then they must be deaf.
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    Naim Uniti Atom Review (Streamer & Amp)

    typical Naim, well over-priced for what you are getting. It's always been that way, even in the 1980s you were better off getting a JVC.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    ''EU users can use a plug adapter on the units without problems, as the units do not draw a current. They are designed to activate the internal technology with energy rather than current, thus creating both an electric and magnetic field. When activated the units effect the air molecules in the...
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    ASR makes me go back to other expensive hobbies ...

    That's a great-looking watch though. Personally I don't like those watches with the huge dials, like having a kitchen clock strapped to your wrist. if you're a big bloke with wrists the width of the Suez Canal then they look good but for everyone else they just look silly.
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    Michael Fremer Leaving Stereophile?

    They might as well just make it all up, would be just as useful. Former UK hi-fi Journalist Ian Rankin (now a novelist, which speaks volumes ho ho) once confessed to writing some of his reviews without ever taking the kit out of the box.
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    What gear you wouldn't buy because of its name or cult status.

    The mac box was a response to the fact that their old dealer displays were selling for silly money on the used market. Also you can put non-McIntosh components inside it so to avoid spoiling the aesthetic of the all-mac system. Would think anyone vaguely handy could knock one up for...
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    Luxman SQ-N150 Review (Tube Amplifier)

    Radford STA15
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    Is Crypto Dead?

    Fix It Again Tomorrow
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    Michael Fremer Leaving Stereophile?

    Brand X is Jazz Fusion not prog. Supertramp were a pop group. Just saying :) Tannoy Lockwood Majors in Trident Studios at the time of 'Unorthodox Behaviour'
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    "Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby ?"

    The only good think about What*Hifi was the eight page ads from 'Hyper-Fi'. Tons of recently discontinued Jap kit at a third retail. Wonderful. The Japanese put a stop to that in the end though, too many people twigged that last year's range sounded the same as the new one and there was no...
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    "Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby ?"

    matching equipment based on its retail price :D - could there be anything more stupid? But yeah, they do it.
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    North West Audio Show 2022

    It was busy but not to the point where you couldn't get into rooms. Saturday was busier I was told by the Doug Brady bloke. He said they'd had 1500 people through their room on that one day.
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    North West Audio Show 2022

    Went to this show today, it was in Cranage, Cheshire UK. Here's some photos and some wholly subjective opinion: B&W - not as good as I expected, sounded a bit fuzzy: Nagra with YG Acoustic speakers and Plinius power amp - this was good, seem like very good speakers, filled a large room...
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    Yes our shop had 3 racks of VHS for rental and only one of Betamax - and the Betamax rack vanished after less than a year. No point getting Beta if you wanted to rent films. Being able to go down the off-licence and get a fairly recent film to watch was, at the time, the best thing ever.
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    ASR makes me go back to other expensive hobbies ...

    I have a couple of Rolexes I bought new in Tijuana. I think they were fifteen dollars each. Neither of them works any more. For my thirtieth I thought I'd buy myself a proper dress watch, could not afford anything flash so got a Pulsar, with the gold metal strap and face which is still going...
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    I still have my 6 head Philips VHS and a library of films, all gathering dust.
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    THX cinema with pro cinema audio gear

    I imagine that he's comfortable with his sexuality.
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    Which speaker power cable.

    Forget trying to solve the issue with speaker cables. Your options are: If you have the speakers toed in to face you change the angle so they point straight ahead. Use soft furnishings or dedicated room treatment to damp your room down and kill reflections Use analogue or digital EQ to get a...
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    Amazon starts drone delivery of packages.

    I suppose it depends on the range of the drones. I can think of lots of practical issues to be overcome, maybe Amazon have overcome them? The problem with B2C delivery is that although it's a huge market there's very little margin. All the big carriers want that market but they don't want to...
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