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  1. ahofer

    "Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby ?"

    I don’t know about *snobbery* per se, but high end audio woo’s focus on unscientific and unproven properties has made audio retail nearly unbearable.
  2. ahofer

    PS Audio FR30 speakers

    Just to be safe, you may want to add some amp and DAC modeling as well.
  3. ahofer

    LP vs DAC: Wife Can't Tell the Difference

    Clearly you need to change the interconnects. She’ll notice that.
  4. ahofer

    ASR burning the wrong witches?

    True. If you can get more people to shift their consumption dollars towards better recordings, that would be good, though. And make sure there is a market for recordings that aren't engineered for bluetooth phone headsets outdoors.
  5. ahofer

    ASR burning the wrong witches?

    Are we 'burning witches'? It seems to me most of the rest of the audio press is promoting witchcraft and ASR is mostly just pointing out that it doesn't actually work. As long as the witchcraft promoters don't come here to promote it, they don't even know we exist.
  6. ahofer

    Podcast about Mercury Living Presence

    I've encountered a few of these again recently. I can't say I like them nearly as much as audiophiles. There's the background hiss that everyone notices, but, to my ears, also the saturation/softening of strings and very indistinct and emphasized bass. It is a sort of pleasant effect overall...
  7. ahofer

    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    That’s probably unnecessarily pejorative. But it’s true, despite talking about all his research on the forum, it‘s difficult to tell how much is fluff, since he doesn’t really post his work, he just refers to it. He recently posted a review of streaming services, full of nonsense talk on sound...
  8. ahofer

    Harbeth Monitor 30 Speaker Review

    This is my feeling as a SHL5+ owner, although I also enjoy the JBL L830's in the system in my other house. Shaw maintains that a "lack of coloration" in the mid and presence range is the secret to the low-fatigue aspect of the speaker, but he's cagey as to whether that is in FR or distortion...
  9. ahofer

    Onkyo ... end of an era.

    AR17s I think.
  10. ahofer

    Onkyo ... end of an era.

    I had an A-7 Driving my AR speakers.
  11. ahofer

    PS Audio FR30 speakers

    Of course people should listen as part of their evaluation and design efforts. The ridiculous idea is that measurements and listening are in any way at odds. If you listen and decide you prefer to depart from linear, or constant/gradual directivity, why on earth wouldn’t you want to know...
  12. ahofer

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Have a look at their new diaper. My understanding is that they add intentionally outrageous products as part of their marketing strategy. Remember the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue...
  13. ahofer

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Goop is getting in on it
  14. ahofer

    Cone Material

    Harbeth posts a bunch of samples in this thread to justify their RADIAL drivers. Frustratingly, I haven't seen these assertions connected to measurements.
  15. ahofer

    Human Sensitivity to Frequency Response

    I've searched this and not found a thread elsewhere. In another forum, someone posted this: ( And they go on to interpret it as: the curves appear to suggest that the JND [Just...
  16. ahofer

    70's Ideology?

    Thanks to misspent high school years, as long as it is about farmers, military campaigns, dissing proto-socialists, or piously fulfilling my destiny while my lover stabs herself/self-immolates, I’m good.
  17. ahofer

    Power cables with good review.

    I wish people would read a little here before posting.
  18. ahofer

    PS Audio FR30 speakers

    I have a feeling a lot of them look at reviews of the equipment they *already bought* rather than during the shopping process. Humans are weird.
  19. ahofer

    PS Audio FR30 speakers

    Ditto, thanks for hanging around @Chris Brunhaver . Speaker design choices are really interesting, and it sounds like many of the design choices you made, which may or may not affect ASR's favored measurement contours, were deliberate, which is worth discussing and understanding. My position...
  20. ahofer

    Do all STREAMERS sound the same when used with the same external DAC?

    Even having that discussion here seems pointless, it is surely pointless over at Head-Fi (or Audiogon, or...). Whether they are right or not, nobody seems interested in trying to prove it. Let's face it, it is somehow a comfortable illusion that laying out kilobucks for nonsense is worthwhile...
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