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    FS: $60 Infinity AC AIRCOM S10 front exhaust fan

    Like new Aircom front-vented fan. Buyer pays shipping from 22801 zip.
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    ARC Genesis results

    Room correction always sparks interesting dialog. Does it add noise, does it improve SQ, is one better than the other.... Well I don't intend to chat about any of that. But, I am posting my results using ARC in my AVM 70 for those who care about such things. The Quick Measure feature is great...
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    Selling a like new Parasound Halo A52+ 5-channel amplifier. Rack mount kit included if you want it. $2,250 + shipping (from 22801). I get good rates for shipping so if you'd like me to get a quote please PM your full delivery address to me. The only reason I am selling is to migrate to an NAD...
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    I am selling my A7 amp. It is as close to new as a used piece can be. I have original box (both inner and outer), all accessories, rack mount kit, etc. I bought it new from Emotiva in June this year and didn't install until September. Buyer pays shipping and I have to get $525 for it. I get good...
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    Sorry I don't have better photos at the moment, but I am planning to sell the CD player to make some room in my rack. It is as close to new as a used piece can be. I have original box (both inner and outer), all accessories, rack mount kit, remote, etc. I bought it new from Emotiva in June this...
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    Amazon Music HD & Firestick 4K

    I see Amazon has joined Qobuz in Sonos 24 bit capability, but Sonos also will playback Atmos tracks with Amazon, something Qobuz can’t do. I also see the new Firestick will playback files up to 24/192. Does anyone know if the stick will playback Atmos music tracks via Amazon Music? Thanks.
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    SOLD Emotiva RMC-1L processor

    $2500. +/- one year old RMC-1L processor. My delayed Anthem AVM 70 arrived and I have decided to keep it and sell the Emotiva. Includes all accessories, full Dirac kit, all packaging, etc. plus rack mounts. Buyer pays shipping and I get good deals via FedEx I‘ll pass along. Shipping from 22801 zip.
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    SOLD Bluesound Node 2 (not 2i) free shipping in US.

    Perfect working condition, have owned two of these for a while and only need one. The Node was not used sitting on top of the receiver, just placed it there for pics. $300 Thanks.
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    SOLD!!!:Denon AVR-A110SOLD!!!

    Selling my gently used AVR-A110. Currently living in a townhome and using the A110 with an A52+ amp (so A110 in pre-amp mode). Includes all boxes, papers, docs, etc. Great care was taken to save packing materials down to the front hinged door bump stops. HDMI 2.1 update module has been requested...
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    Direct, Pure Direct & Stereo with Audyssey by-pass

    Like many of you here I am a constant tweaker. Thanks to @amirm and @walt99 I am using an A110 with a Node 2 via coax to Gustard X16 analog to the A110. I've been listening to 2CH via Tidal and NAS in Pure Direct through my LSiM 707s and it is remarkable. I'll spare you all the subjective...
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    SOLD: Denon X4700 and (2) Emotiva BasX A-150 for sale

    Selling the gear listed above in like new condition. All include rack mount ears. One A-150 has never been powered on. Short version of long story; building a new house that I'll move to in July and I have decided to rebuild my system in preparation. I currently live in a townhouse (10x12 room)...
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    Let's have fun & beat a dead horse (AVR-Processor upgrade comparo)

    I will finally be moving into a new home early July. I build the home and will have a dedicated space (specs on attachment). I have autonomy on speaker and sub placement, but am limited to number of channels (so will probably always remain 5.2.4 but pulling cable for 7.2.6). 60/40 music to...
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    Pick your favorite rig and say why

    Here I plan to consolidate my thoughts and shotgun-posting on multiple forums. yes this has been posted elsewhere than ASR to gain additional replies and I know several of you are active multiple places, for you I am sorry for the duplication. I recently sold some gear and am in the market for...
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    SOLD Arcam AVR850 receiver

    Selling Arcam AVR850 receiver. Unit is in excellent mechanical and physical condition (one small scratch on back of unit where a subwoofer ground was attached to chassis screw), includes all accessories that are in new condition, manual, and will ship in an AVP860 box. Also included is a set of...
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    SOLD New open box Emotiva A-150 2CH amp

    New, open box from Emotiva, never powered on. Shipped original box, missing one side of the packing material but will be wrapped carefully. Had bought for second set of Atmos speakers and never installed them. SOLD
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    Think there is a Class D Monolith coming?

    With ATI having success with their AT52XNC series, and making the Class AB Monoliths now, how long until there is a Class D Monolith variant? Any insider info on here?
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