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    Yggy More is Less measurements

    Distortion on the best measuring of the two new Schiit MB dacs (based on TI chips) rises at the top end, leading the author to comment: This is an example of why a 1khz test can often miss out important factors about the performance of a product, and further testing than just SINAD and Dynamic...
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    Revel F35/6 at 30% off at Crutchfield

    This seems like a pretty good deal. Revel makes great value speakers. The one with 6.5" woofers/midwoofers are $1540 for a pair.
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    Mike Moffet (digital side of Schiit Audio) live on youtube Weds 10/13/21 at 7 pm est/4 pm pacific

    I'm gonna post this but if it's in the wrong place mods please move. I figure there is enough interest in Schiit Audio this would be ok. Mike Moffat's Audio Journey Hey guys, For the virtual Schiitrmeet this month, you get Mike's audio journey. Kinda like my Road to Schiit last month, but a...
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    The Audiophiliac took his vitamins today!

    Steve Guttenberg is a 'former' salesperson of audio gear to the upper tier consumer market in NYC. I think Steve's taste in gear is way off. To me, Klipsch loudspeakers sound busy and colored, but Steve loves them. He also likes the Buchardt s400 that Amir reviewed here favorably, and is a...
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    New multibit DAC coming from Schiit -

    Price is less than Yggy (now Yggy OG) which is going up in price and up to 3rd gen analog board by the end of year. Garage Sale Yggy going away, the last the gen 1 boards are expected to sell by the end of the month. Yggy OG will be the current model. Yggy "less is more" is a 16 bit ti based...
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    Is data objective? MIT speaks,While%20data%20seems%20to%20promise%20objectivity%2C%20instead%20it%20requires%20analysis,of%20data%20is%20a%20myth. In the popular 1950s and 1960s television show Dragnet, Sargent...
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    Blind tests at home. What can YOU hear?

    Most readers want more information about a product than a set of mere measurements can provide, but fundamentally the sound quality of a product is an important part of it's utility that should not be ignored. The question is, to what extent to measurements matter? From an academic point of...
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    Be careful even of trusted tube vendors. Tested as top grade.

    Even the most reputable tube vendors are able to test crooked tubes.
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    PS Audio speaks

    Measurements vs Listening is the title Says he has two preamps that measure identically, but one sounds good, the other does not. Measurements do not matter -- so far as knowing if something sounds good or not.
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    It does. It's more dynamic, natural, live, the instruments are clearer in space, Lou Reed (who's talking as much as singing) seems like he's in the room, having a conversation with me. So is the more 'present' because of the nature of the source? Interactive vs point and click. 20 minutes vs ...
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    Schiit speaks

    The guys who Amir proved couldn't build a decent measuring amplifier to save their lives have decided to distract you with words about how measurements don't matter or something...
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    God is real

    How else can you explain for the first time in 5 years I am under 190 lbs ... indeed under 192 lbs ... scale reads 189.9! YAH fucking HOOO! 185 is my target weight. Now to work on BMI. what, I thought you guys liked statistical stuff?
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    Environmental impact of our hobby

    I've been thinking for some time about the environmental impact of our hobby. Specifically thinking about the tubes and Class A and A/B amps that we use (and dacs that need to stay on 24/7 Iggy). If you don't know about climate change I am not trying to debate you, I am asking those of us who...
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    right place to ask Chromecast Audio issues?

    Suddenly Google Home doesn't see my Chromecast Audio devices. Anyone using CcAudio having OR NOT having this issue?
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    Audiophiliac gives Audio Science Review channel a plug

    He did a video telling people who want measurements to check out Amir!
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