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  1. fordiebianco

    DISCO it were fun fun fun

    Thank you for making my day. That was amazing.
  2. fordiebianco

    Good HiFi from China and Taiwan?

    SoundArtist Aurum Cantus
  3. fordiebianco

    Good German Hifi ?!

    If you are into the vintage stuff (as I am), I would suggest checking out SABA and Nordmende.
  4. fordiebianco

    Polk Signature Elite ES20 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Good Morning Amir, many thanks for another excellent review. It's nice to know we have great sounding choices in the budget segment. Good for recommendations for friends.
  5. fordiebianco

    Marantz SACD 30n Measurements (SACD Player, DAC & Streamer)

    Good Morning, many thanks for the time and dilligence you invested in this. As an old fogey who has been buying Denon/Marantz hardware by the bucketload before coming to ASR, it is great to see that there seems to be still innovation and engineering excellence in the old Japanese hardware...
  6. fordiebianco

    thomann t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini Review

    Many thanks for the response. This sounds like a language I don't speak. Could you please signpost me to a guide on how to understand the concepts (and acronyms). Ta!
  7. fordiebianco

    thomann t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini Review

    Dear All, I have to profess my ignorance here: I thought DSPs are only of value if you can use them together with room correction software (such as Audyssey or Dirac). What use would a DSP have without responding to the listening room? Is it really just a glorified multi-frequency equalizer...
  8. fordiebianco

    Audio-GD NFB-11.38 Performance Edition Measurements (DAC, Preamp & Headamp)

    Thank you for doing an excellent (and surely time consuming) review. Very helpful.
  9. fordiebianco

    Virtual Reality Headsets

    Thank you all for your help. The new Oculus is on the way. Will feed back once I have given it a whirl.
  10. fordiebianco

    Virtual Reality Headsets

    Don't you have to register with Facebook for the Oculus range?
  11. fordiebianco

    Virtual Reality Headsets

    Nobody? Really ?
  12. fordiebianco

    Virtual Reality Headsets

    Dear All, I'm an ancient gamer that started with his 1k ZX81 back in the early eighties, but still enjoy a few hours of gaming (mainly strategy or RPGs) every week (when my SO or my diary lets me). Over the years the monitors have become bigger and then multiplied, the gaming rigs fancier and...
  13. fordiebianco

    Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator Review (Phono Preamp)

    WhatHiFi is good as a catalogue to give you an idea what's out there and available on the market. Not so much for reviews.
  14. fordiebianco

    What gear you wouldn't buy because of its name or cult status.

    Pretty much everything on 6moon, particularly the esoteric stuff reviewed by Marja&Henk. I am very sorry though to hear of their recent passing: looking at the pictures of their living room, audio clearly was a passion of theirs, I just couldn't agree with their idea of physics.
  15. fordiebianco

    Sony Tapecorder 101 Review (Vintage Reel to Reel)

    Ooh, interesting. Thank you for posting! Sorry, my electronic diagram days are long gone: what kind of port is that? 3.5mm?
  16. fordiebianco

    Sony Tapecorder 101 Review (Vintage Reel to Reel)

    Stupid question: how was the unit measured? Does it have RCA/DIN output or does it have a built in speaker that was measured?
  17. fordiebianco

    Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (Powered Speaker)

    Would be interested to see how they compare to SMSL's Tabebuias. Same market segment (though passive).
  18. fordiebianco

    Basic 2 Channel Class D Power Amp?

    Don't think so. You use it as a integrated/power amp. I had it had a go at my KEF 105.1s . No complaints, but then I don't listen at ++ SPF.
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